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CAW BIO: Cass LaFave (Retired)

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CAW BIO: Cass LaFave (Retired)

Post by Tim on Tue Mar 15, 2016 7:37 pm

Ringname: Cass LaFave
Full Name: Cassondra Carol LaFave
Birthdate: November 4th, 1965  (53)
Birthplace: Upstate New York
Billed From: New York
Debut: Fusion #1 (November 8th, 2015 Real Time)
Retired: June, Week 1, 2018 (September 19th, 2016 in real-time)

Cass LaFave is a female professional wrestler currently under contract by Pro-Wrestling conglomerate CMV. After a short hiatus she returned to the ring on Fusion #32.

Early Life |

Born and raised to Charlie and Carol Tippie. After altercation with her ex-husband she began wrestling to reduce stress and was picked up by many promotions.

Wrestling Career |

Initial Run, Feud with Amber Briggs and Hiatus
LaFave originally debuted with her son Tim LaFave at ringside on Fusion #1 and shortly after began wrestling in singles competition. Sparking a feud with the then Vixen's Champion; Amber Briggs. Valet Thomas Sullivan began accompanying LaFave during her matches and even paying for LaFave to be inserted in a triple threat match for the title with Lexin Damjen and Amber Briggs. Later her in her career she would be featured predominately on the CMV Live Show. After some time she would go on hiatus.

On Fusion #32, LaFave would return with a new attire and new moves. She would battle Kitty Quinn-Belle and win. After her match she would call out Amber Briggs for a exhibition rematch.

Feud with Briggs, Pick your Poison Match

After losing to Amber Briggs, LaFave would reignite their feud with a pick your poison match and LaFave would win Briggs' pick, a tables match with Morgan Black. On Fusion #36 LaFave would again over come Briggs' challenge and defeat the current Vixen's Champion Fury. At Home Coming LaFave would defeat Briggs ending the feud.

At Absolution LaFave would be the second women eliminated from the Vixen's Mini Royal Rumble. LaFave would lose against Alexia Stroud on Genesis #41.

Queen of the Ring
It was announced that Cass would be in the running for the Queen of the Ring culminating at Ascendance III. Unfortunately she was eliminated in round 1 of the tournament by Fury. During Genesis #47, LaFave would pin the current Vixen Champion, Kitty Quinn-Belle.

4-Vixen Ladder Match at Battle Scars
Cass would face Megan Cooper and Aura with old rival-turned-friend Amber Briggs in a tag team match for their spots in the Fatal Four Way for the #1 contender match at Battle Scars. Cass would pin Aura and then cut a promo on Savage the night following.

Cass LaFave, Jade Divine, Kitty Quinn-Belle took on Fury, Amber Briggs and Casey Wilson in a 6-woman tag match, in a stunning conclusion, Jade hit the Divine Arrow on Fury securing the victory for their team.

In a tag team match with Angelica Jones, LaFave would carry her team to victory after pinning Megan Cooper at Fusion #52

At the event, Cass LaFave would pull the #1 contender contract, securing her title match with XGEN stablemate Jade Divine at the next available opportunity.

Retirement Match
On the most recent Fusion, Cass LaFave would have her retirement/title match against Jade Divine. Unfortunately she could not win but she had stated that whether she had won the title or not she would of retired regardless. After the match she was met with overwhelming support as he left the wrestling business.

Style |
Cass LaFave demonstrates brute force and abrasive personality in her wrestling. Her moves focus on damaging the head.

In Wrestling |

      - Finishers
Cass Blast (Leg-trip Facebuster) (2017 to 2018)

     - Signatures
Cony Island Cyclone (2017 to 2018)
Cassuigiri (Enzuigiri in the corner) (2017 to 2018)
Back Rotation Suplex (2017)

    - Entrance Theme

Championship and Accomplishments |


Tim LaFave (Genesis)
Nick Blake (Fusion)
Shiloh Gray (Fusion)
Voice Vindy (Fusion)
Aerora (Ferocity)

Credit to Aaron for the avatar.
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