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GBW (Great British Wrestling)

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GBW (Great British Wrestling)

Post by Miztacular on Sun Apr 26, 2015 11:12 am


The Miz
Randy Orton
Brock Lesnar
David Otunga
Dolph Ziggler
The Rock
Justin Gabriel
Curtis Axel
Sami Zayn
Damien Sandow
Kurt Angle
Chris Benoit
Mark Henry
Big Show
Sin Cara
Jack Swagger

Trish Stratus
Nikki Bella
Brie Bella
Leah Von Dutch
Torrie Wilson
Becky Lynch


GBW Global Title: (Vacant)
GBW International Title: (Vacant)
GBW Tag Team Title: (Vacant)
GBW Womens Championship: (Vacant)

I'll update more as I book.

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Re: GBW (Great British Wrestling)

Post by Miztacular on Mon May 04, 2015 7:53 am

GBW Live from Anfield, England

Welcome to the first ever GBW night live, hosted here in England, tonight we're at the fantastic home ground of Liverpool Football Club, Anfield, we have some good matches here tonight as we look to host our very first show and start with a bang! Expect some huge names tonight with some of the best within the wrestling industry, such as The Miz, brock Lesnar, Randy Orton and the one and only, The Rock. Ladies and Gentlemen, enjoy the show.

Opening Segment
The Miz's theme hits, *AWESOME*.. The crowd begins to boo heavily, they came to see The Rock back to wrestling full time, but instead, they've gotten The Miz.

The Miz enters the ring, gestures for a mic, and just smiles as he looks around Anfield at all the crowd booing him.

He goes on to talk about several things, starting with how he's better than The Rock, and that the fans should feel honoured by his presence.
He then proceeds to talk about how the GBW Global title is vacant and that on the first PPV, he will win the vacant title after he qualifies tonight.
He goes on about how he's so must see, and how all the superstars in the back wish they could be him
Finally, he finishes his promo with the vintage catchphrase.
"Because I'm The Miz! And I'm! Awes----

But wait, what is this, Brock Lesnars theme hits, The Miz falls against the ropes in fear, Brock can be seen at the top of the ramp, The Miz, exits the ring, grabs a steel chair and re-enters the ring as Lesnar walks down the ramp. Brock jumps up onto the apron, and Miz lunges forward with the chair, but Lesnar steps down before Miz can connect.

All of a sudden, the general managers music hits, It's Trish Stratus. She books the Main Event of tonight as Miz-Lesnar as a qualification match for the fatal four way title match at the first PPV, she also says that the loser will be put into a qualification match for the vacated International Title.

The Miz looks distraught he knows that there's almost no hope of him making it to that title match, while Lesnar is standing outside, looking into the ring at Miz, smiling looking forward to the main event.

Match One
The first match of the evening, is to earn a spot in the 6 man battle royal for the International Title at the first PPV. This match is between Jack Swagger and Justin Gabriel.

The match stars with a collar and elbow tie up, completely dominated by Swagger. Swagger spends the first few minutes of the match targeting the legs of Gabriel. Swagger Irish Whips Gabriel into the ropes and hits a clothesline which causes Gabriel to sink to the floor in the prime position for the Swagger Bomb, Swagger goes for it, but ends up empty after Gabriel rolls out of the way. Swagger gets up only to be hit by an enziguri from Gabriel. Gabriel climbs the top rope, possibly looking for his 450 splash which he goes for, but Swagger too rolls out the way and quickly locks Gabriel into the ankle lock and drags him to the centre of the ring, Gabriel tries desperately to crawl to the ropes but can't make it and is forced to tap out

Jack Swagger wins after 7 minutes by Submission.

Backstage Segment
The Miz can be seen backstage, trying desperately to get some backup for the main event, asking people like Kurt Angle and Benoit, who say no, along with the likes of Ziggler and Kane who also deny him, Miz exits the lockeroom to look for more help and it cuts to the next match.

Match Two
The second match of the evening, a qualification match for the Global title fatal four way. The Big Show vs Randy Orton.

Big Shows theme hits, he walks to the ring and waits, for the viper Randy Orton, whose theme hits, and he too walks to the ring, staring into the eyes of The Big Show.

The bell is rung, Orton goes straight for Big Show, but keeps getting thrown off of him due to Big Shows obvious size and strength advantage. The Big Show is playing with Orton for the better part for 4 minutes, hitting him with big slaps to the chest against the ropes and turnbuckles before hitting him with a huge slam. Big Show turns around towards the crowd to taunt and turns around to Orton, who goes for an RKO but is countered as Big Show simply pushes Orton away from him and into the ropes, Orton bounces off of the ropes, ducks under a knockout punch from Big Show, bounces off the opposite ropes and hits a dropkick to the knees of the Big Show, sending him toppling to the mat.

Orton now has the upper hand, kicking Big Show as he tries to get up, not allowing the big man to get to his feet, smart play from Orton, Orton goes for a big running kick to the Big Show who his on his knees, but is countered into a spear by the Big Show, who goes for the pin.

1.... 2... Kick out at 2.

Big Show looks frustrated and because of this isn't concentrating properly and turns around to be hit by a scoop powerslam by Orton followed by vicious stomps to the limbs of the Big Show. Randy Orton drops to his knees, he's going to that place. Big Show, gets up, Orton goes for the RKO, and again it's reversed by the Big Show, who screams getting ready for a choke slam. He catches Orton by the throat lifts him up, and Orton counters into an RKO, he goes for the pin.

1... 2... 3... Orton wins by pinfall after 14 minutes.

Ortons theme plays, as he celebrates earning his opportunity to get the GBW Global Title.

Backstage Segment
Trish Stratus can be seen in her office, approached by two women, The Bella Twins, who insist that the womens championship match shouldn't wait until the PPV and instead should be next week, Trish compromises and declares that next week will hold two triple threats and the winner of both will be put against each other the following week for the womens championship.

Final match
Brock Lesnars theme hits, and he walks to the ring, looking determined. The Miz's theme hits, and goes on for 30 seconds without anyone coming out, The Miz, comes out from under the ring and hits Lesnar with a cheap shot, the bell is rung and The Miz spends the first 40 seconds of the match on the upper hand kicking and punching Lesnar before he can react, Lesnar soon pushes Miz away and gets to his feet, Miz is moving around the ring trying to stay away from Lesnar, this goes on for about a minute, before Lesnar rushes The Miz who side steps him causing lesnar to charge the ref, who is knocked unconscious. Lesnar turns around and finally gets his hands on The Miz, hits him with a german suplex, before hitting him with about 15 mounted punches which busts the miz open. Lesnar gets up and throws the Miz to ring side and follows him outside. The Miz tries to strike some offense but Lesnar is having none of it and throws Miz into the steel steps. Lesnar turns around and screams before he starts taking the announce table apart ready to put Miz through. He turns around to a chair shot from the Miz which knocks Lesnar back, but that doesn't stop there, the miz unloads with chair shots to lesnar before eventually breaking the chair. The Miz sets Lesnar up on the table but before The Miz can hit his finisher Lesnar connects with a huge blow knocking The Miz off of the table, the Miz starts to run around the ring to get away from Lesnar. As Lesnar is chasing him, the Miz pulls out a kendo stick from under the ring and beats Lesnar down with it, busting him open, both superstars are bleeding heaviliy as Miz rolls Lesnar into the ring.

The Miz then continues to beat him down with the kendo stick until it snaps. The Miz stands above Lesnar taunting him, looking to hit the skull krushing finale which he does, but before Miz can go for the pin, The Rocks music hits and the crowd goes insane, The Miz can hardly realise whats happening due to the blood loss, The Rock goes into the ring and hits Miz with a rock bottom before waking the ref up. The Rock then proceeds to make his way to the top of the ramp, mic in hand and says:
"If ya smeeeeeellllll what the rock, is cookin'"
Lesnar, gets back to his feet, drags Miz up on to his shoulders and hits and F5 and goes into the pin.

1... 2... 3... Lesnar wins after 17 minutes.

Lesnar doesn't stop there, Miz is pretty much out, Lesnar mounts the Miz and unloads with punches to the money maker for about 6 minutes until Trish Stratus comes out with about 20 security guards who struggle to contain the beast.

Trish Stratus enters the ring and thanks the crowd for attending the first ever episode of GBW and hopes they enjoyed it before the camera's cut off.

Matthew wrote: Hayden is so much better than Schmidty in every way.

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