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HFW (Hell Fire Wrestling)

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HFW (Hell Fire Wrestling)

Post by HellishxHades on Sat Feb 13, 2016 10:29 pm

Welcome to Hell Fire Wrestling.
Men's Roster
1. Kevin Owens
2. Seth Rollins
3. Dean Ambrose
4. Bray Wyatt
5. Finn Balor
6. Aj Styles
7. Somoa Joe
8. Jeff Hardy
9. Matt Hardy
10. Jay Briscoe
11. Mark Briscoe
12. James Storms
13. Jay Lethals
14. Bobby Rhode
15. Neville
16. Barron Corbin
17. Ethan Carter 3
18. Matt Sydal
19. Johnny Mundo
20.Drew Galloway
21. Bobby Lashley

Women's Roster
1. Sasha Banks
2. Charlotte
3. Becky Lynch
4. Bayley
5. Auska
6. Paige
7. Nikki Bella
8. Velvet Sky
9. Angelina Love

HFW World Heavyweight
HFW Anarchist
HFW Tag Team
HFW Women's

Tag Team
The Hardys
The Briscoes
Beer Money
The Beautiful People
The 4 Horsewomen
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Main Event Star!

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Re: HFW (Hell Fire Wrestling)

Post by Ausy on Sat Feb 13, 2016 10:36 pm

4 men's titles on a 21 man roster.
Take out the tag-teams and that's 3 titles for 15 men.
20% of your roster are champions.


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Re: HFW (Hell Fire Wrestling)

Post by C9 Alveuss on Sat Feb 13, 2016 10:48 pm

Drew <3


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C9 Alveuss
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Re: HFW (Hell Fire Wrestling)

Post by Matthew on Sat Feb 13, 2016 11:57 pm

Bobby Rhode <3


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1x Light Heavyweight Champion as Bryce Hurt

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Post by HellishxHades on Sun Feb 14, 2016 11:30 am

Welcome to Hell Fire Wrestling. Tonight the No DQ tournament to decide the world Heavyweight champion is under way as 8 of 16 competitors compete for the greatest prize.

Match #1: Round 1
Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose

Kevin Owens sign recently under the condition that he will get a world title shot. So we put him in the tournament. Ambrose came here for a fight so we put him agianst the prize fighter.

Match Highlights:
Ko hits Da with a clothesline off the bat. The Prize Fighter is ready for the fight. He lift Ambrose up for a stiff right hand. Ambrose is wobbling, Owens hits a superkick and Ambrose bounces off the ropes for a Rebound clothesline. Ambrose hits dirty deeds, 1. 2. Kick out. Ambrose lines up Owens for a running knee but Owens catches him with a pop up powerbomb. 1.2. Ambrose kicks out. Owens goes for a package piledriver but Ambrose counters. Owens hits another superkick and Ambrose bounces off the ropes agian for a Rebound clothesline but Owens hit a pop up powerbomb 1.2.3. Owens advances.

Match 2:
The Hardys vs The Briscoe

Two of the top tag teams in history meet here on HFW to battle

Match Highlights:
The hardys to in strong, but Jay hits the Butterfly Piledriver on Jeff Hardy for the win.

Match 3: Round 1
Bobby Lashley vs Ethan Carter 3

The MMA prodigy vs the man the carried TNA on his back. Lashley looks to dominate a new promotion while EC3 looks to be the 1%.

Match Highlights:
Lashley and Ec3 stand there looking each other in the eye remember all the battles they had in TNA. But this aint TNA. Lashley strikes first. Hits a massive scoop slam on Ec3. Ec3 builds a comeback only to be hit with a spear. Ethan kicks out at 2. Lashley hits another spear, luckily Ethan rows out of the ring. As Lashley going after him he is surprise to see EC3 with a chair. Ethan unleashes on Lashley, leaving welts. Ethan ends Lashley's miserly with a 1 Percenter on the chair. 1. 2. 3. EC3 advances.

Match 4:
Paige vs Velvet Sky

The Goth Princess vs the most beautiful woman in all professional wrestling. Look to impress the GM in order to gain access to the HFW Women's Championship.

Match Highlights:
Paige hits the raimpaige as she goes for the pin Anglenia Love music hits, and Angelina and Velvet beats up paige. Match ending in Dq
Match 5: Round 1
Jay Lethals vs Drew Galloway

The self proclaim best vs the self proclaim savior meet in this first round match.

Match Highlights:
Lethals and Galloway shake hands to begin. Lethals hits a series of drop kicks. Lethals momemtum is stop by Galloways big boot. Galloway sets Lethals up for a Future Shock DDT but Lethals counters into a handspring cutter 1. 2. 3. Lethals advances.

Match 6:
Bray Wyatt vs Neville

Both the eater of world's and the man that gravity forgot are in the HFW World Heavyweight Tournament but tonight they meet in 1 on 1 competition.

Match Highlights:
Wyatt gets knocked down not even 5 sec in the match. Neville goes for the Red Arrow but Wyatt rolls out of the way. Wyatt hits a Sister Abigail 1. 2. 3. Wyatt wins.

Main Event: Round 1
Seth Rollins vs Aj Styles

The most gifted wrestler Seth Rollins vs the best wrestler in the world. Who will advance in the tourny.

Match Highlights:
Rollins gets in Aj face talking trash but get kicked with a massive drop kick. Aj bounces of the ropes with flying lariots. Rollins hits a superkick and a turn buckle power bomb only to meet a pale leg, styles then locks in a calf lock luckily near the ropes for Rollins to get out. Rollins hit a curb stomp,1. 2. Kick out. An comeback with stiff shots and hits the styles clash 1. 2. 3. Aj Styles advances.
Main Event Star!
Main Event Star!

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Re: HFW (Hell Fire Wrestling)

Post by Sponsored content

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