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How To Improve

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How To Improve

Post by HellishxHades on Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:15 am

In a CMV.com special, we see Jon Reed sitting backstage, he has a towel over his head, sitting there.

What has gotten into you.

Jon looks up, stairing in front of him is a older gentleman, in his late 50's to early 60's. He was wearing a Hell Fire Wrestling jumpsuit (Not an EFed, just a promotion that my caws KayFabe Trained at), and had a gray beard.

Jon. Last Season, you were a dominate force in CMV, and now. Look at ya. You barely get booked, you know why, it because you barely win. You know why you barely win. Well do you?

Jon, pulls the towel off of his head, and let's out a sigh.

Jon Reed:
What do you want Logan. Actually wait, how did you get back here. Your not a CMV talent. How many times do I got to tell you, No.

Logan let's out a laugh.

Same old Jon. Avoiding the question when it comes to criticism. Always trying to change the question. Well tough luck Jonathon, you are gonna swallow this pill. The reason you are losing is because your moveset is lacking a key component.

Jon stands up and gets in the old man's face. Before he starts to walk down the hall.

Fine, if you don't want to become World Champion any time soon, keep on walking. I will be back in Huntington, with your family watching you fall on your face. You are truly a disgrace to our city.

Jon stops. He slowly turns around to face Logan, he looks him in his eyes, seeing him smirk as he knows he has hooked Jon into something.

Jon Reed:
Don't mention my family, I left them in that God awful town for a reason, for all I care, Huntington can burn to the ground with you. Oh you Logan, you can be dead center of town. I have let you have enough of my time. Head on back to West Virginia and tell them, I said f*** off.

With out loosening his smile, Logan places his hand on Jon shoulder, who stairs at the placement of the hand.

Well, you still have the attitude, tell you what give me to the rest of the season, train with me and I will make you a perfect warrior, just like you was last season.

Jon grabs Logan arm and raises it off of his shoulder. He looks him in the eyes, before letting go of his arm.

Jon Reed:
You have a week.

Jon begins his walk away from Logan again, and heading towards his locker room, Logan smiles as he walks off into the darkness. The camera follows, but the feed ends.


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