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Break Stuff

Post by PREDICTION KING on Thu Sep 13, 2018 6:23 pm

Anarchy Rulz has begun and the arena is packed. All the superstars are ready to compete in some high stake matches, except for one man. The Tower Of Dominance who just a few nights ago lost his International Championship to Xander Slate in a triple threat main event. With the fact that for the first time since coming to Genesis, he was pinned, merged with the fact that it was Xander Slate who proceeded to trash him on Twitter, Brody Halleck stands at the front doors with a vengeful purpose. So much rage built in such a big body, his fists have to meet Xander's face tonight. However, that's gonna prove to be difficult with an army of security standing between him and the door, personally recruited by Pat LaFave himself to ensure the safety of the new International Champion.

Brody Halleck
Move the fuck out of the way!

Brody counts 25 heads, all prepared for a fight.

Security Guard #1
Sorry, but no can do Brody. We have strict orders to keep you from entering the building.

Brody spits at his feet, and paces back and forth. Knowing he can do some damage but even he can be outnumbered. Especially with a few of them having their hands on their taser guns. Making a good judgement call, the big man backs away and heads back into the parking lot. The security think they won but little did they know, Brody watched somebody pull up and he's headed towards them. He picks up the speed in his walk as the cameraman struggles to keep up. The car parks and out comes, Randy Borton!

Randy Borton
Yeah man, i'm here now. I-for real? Like spicy chicken sandwiches? Dude save me some i'm about to come in. Bacon said what? Is he even still employed?? Save me some dude. Be there in a sec.

He hangs up the phone and grabs his bag before turning around to see the Tower of Dominance standing in front of him. Him being badly concussed a few weeks ago, he doesn't even think about fighting, so his eyes are wide with fear.

Randy Borton
Hey man, your fight isn't with me.

Brody looks at him, with rage pouring out of his eyes.

Brody Halleck
You'll have to do.

And with that he grabs Borton by the head and slams his face into the window of his car, instantly shattering it. Borton falls backwards with blood pouring out of a newly open wound on his forehead. Brody picks him up by the neck and drags him to the front of the car where he proceeds to choke slam him hard onto the hood! He's not done, he lifts him back up and slams him down once more with another choke slam! Wait a minute, he's STILL not done! He picks him back up and choke slams him again, and again, and again, AND AGAIN! Borton is about out of it as he slides off the now dented hood of his car.

Brody Halleck
And fuck your car too!

He walks over to the side of the car and without hesitation begins to lift up on it. After several seconds, he manages to flip it upside down! Borton barely stirring at his feet. At this point, the security come running onto the scene. But Brody has done his damage. He's not satisfied, but he's satisfied enough to leave. He leaves Borton in bad condition on the ground as several guards check on him and ask for help while the others see that Brody actually leaves in which he does. He gets in his truck, and slowly drives by, surveying the damage with a sly smile forming on his face before exiting the garage.


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2019 Heel of the Year as KLIQ (Bob Luger)
2019 Feud of the Year with Schmidty vs Johnny Sampson
2018 Heel of the Year as Schmidty
2018 Newcomer of the Year as Schmidty
2018 Face of the Year as Bob Luger
2018 Promoer of the Year
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2x United States Champion as Schmidty
1x Undisputed Champion as Schmidty
FIRST 2x Alpha World Champion as Bob Luger
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1x Light Heavyweight Champion as Bryce Hurt
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Main Event Star!

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