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It's All About Xander Slate

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It's All About Xander Slate

Post by Tim on Wed Sep 12, 2018 11:38 pm

Following the main event of Genesis. Where a new International Champion was crowned, a CMV website exclusive was put up with an interview with Tim LaFave who has not the face of a loser, or one crushed by the fact that he ISN'T the International Champion. But one of thought and painful thoughts at that.

Lisa Evans stands next to LaFave as he ponders.

Lisa Evans
Tim, could I ask for...

Tim LaFave
Always. What do you need?

Lisa Evans
Well, you lost out on opportunity for the CMV International Championship tonight. You lost to your rival and assumed target Xander Slate. We're all just wondering what's next?

Tim LaFave
Xander Slate.

Lisa Evans
Again? But you just lost to him. And he's now a Champion.

Tim LaFave
I don't care. The title isn't what I was after. It never was. It was Xander. I would assume my mother tried to pacify my anger by covering up a chance for retribution in a title match and dangling a shiny belt in front of me. But no. I will not be done until Xander is done. I don't want his belt. I don't want a triple threat. I want Xander Slate. No distractions, no third party members knocking me out. I want Xander. And maybe my dad taking over... is for the best if I want that.

Lisa Evans
A, are you saying you're part of the No Confidence movement?

Tim LaFave
No. I'm saying I have to fight legally. But if we lose against my dad and Slate, I won't be upset when my Mom's gone. Sometimes the ends justifies the means.

Lisa is shocked by the fact LaFave is even contemplating a world without his mother as GM.

Tim LaFave
If anyone knows me in the stands or backstage, they know I don't leave loose ends. Slate and Borton are those loose ends. And I'll keep coming back, whether I lose or not. They will pay, in pain. Lisa, thank you for your time.

Tim walks away from Lisa who looks struck.

Lisa Evans
That's... my line...
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