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The Rules 2 (Also Read)

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The Rules 2 (Also Read)

Post by Solaris Arc on Thu Aug 30, 2018 11:20 am

Welcome to CMV with any good community comes a good set of rules. These rules will be upheld by the new Mods of the chat and site.

Former mods have been far too lenient, uncaring or plain lazy, but not anymore. Dashing has trusted a select unbiased few to handle the rules and their upkeep. That being said, if you don’t follow the rules, I don’t care who you are, you’re out. But fair’s fair. You’ll be given a warning before any immediate action takes place, if you continue any violations then you’ll be either suspended or banned. As for the Twitch chat, You’ll be warned once, if you persist, you will be timed out, continue your actions you will be banned. And I promise you in front of god and everyone, I don’t care who you are. Veteran or newbie, you’re not coming back.

So the rules below are code of conduct stuff and really having nothing to do with CAWs stats, regulations or rules in that regard. For that, head to the other thread.

Course of Action for Violations
1 Warning - Expires at the end of a stream
Time Out - If behavior persists after warning or if violation is grave enough to warrant an immediate time out and bypasses a warning
Ban (Twitch) - If after Time Out behavior persists or if violation is grave enough to warrant an immediate ban and bypasses a Time Out or a Warning

Twitch Chat Mods
BatmanBatemanEC3 (Site) - BATMANBATEMANec3 (Twitch)
C9 Suntan (Site) - TommyFnPickles (Twitch)
Gumblesaur (Site) - Gumblesaur (Twitch)
Tim (Site) - Hadobureka (Twitch)

Site Mods
Solaris Arc (Site)
Red Chocolate (Site)

Rule #1 - Racism, racial slurs, homophobia, sexism are NOT allowed in any form.

Use your head; things that are typically frowned upon in the real-life community shouldn’t be used here. It’s all about respect.

Rule #2 - No Excessive Trolling

This community has established itself on it’s rough and tumble, trash talking style. And while we can take joke, anything that is deemed an insult with intent won’t be taken lightly. Dashing said it in the original rule set the best; “Don’t be a jerk”

Rule #2 - Don’t complain about booking or lack thereof

Dashing and Miz work hard to give everyone on the roster equal opportunity for matches and stream time. Before you complain about not being the card ask yourself is you’ve promo’d recently. And not on Twitter I mean. There’s a lot of players in this e fed game. Not everyone is going to be on the card all the time. Often times on Fusion, Genesis, UnMatched and Ferocity there’s 7 matches in total. And there’s numerous CAWS.

Rule #3 - No NSFW pictures, videos or GIFs

Like it or not, there are guys under the age of 18 on this site and in chat. So keep it PG in terms of media.

#4 - Advertising other promotions not affiliated with CMV is a no-no

Simply put, don’t ad other e-feds on this site or in our chat. If you would like to try to promote please message the Administrators Mr. Dashing or Miztacular privately before posting. Their word is final and if they green light you, you’re good to go.

#5 - Appealing a warning, a time out or a ban

If you feel like you’ve unjustly been dealt with in the chat or on the site, you can message any of the mods and we’ll try to work it out. Accidents happen, misunderstandings occur. If you PM us on the site or Whisper in the chat calmly. Better hope for you to fix whatever issue you might have.

#6 - No Reflex Bans (Mod Rule)

No mod is allowed to ban of their own accord; only with a unanimous vote of available Twitch mods will a ban be carried out, if only one mod is available during a stream; the mod MUST consult Dashing during the stream before banning.

#7 - Do Your Job (Mod Rule)

If your a mod, be on point. Keep an eye on the chat and be unbiased. As I said at the beginning, as of recently most mods haven’t been doing what they’re supposed to. If at any point you feel like a mod isn’t doing their job, abusing their power or ignoring any grievances. Please contact either another mod or Dashing/Miztacular to get the justice you deserve.

That’s all, please abide by these semi-new rules so we can have a community that anyone can join.


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