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STORYTIME in Mexico...

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STORYTIME in Mexico...

Post by RiftedEnergy on Sun Jul 29, 2018 3:55 am

Its music time when Quantums theme hits at a house show in Mexico City, Mexico... and theres nothing the fans can do but go ballistic. Why not?

The fans begin cheering knowing that Quantum stopped The False King from entering the Money In the Bank.

He comes down wearing the same shirt at last night, as the titantron replays the events from nXtGen HQ.

(Insert previous promo)

He didn't have time to change his clothes or insert the previous promo, as the announcement of Bob Luger making his challenge to Quantum, THE KING of Unmatched, caused The Future Man to get into the choppa and head to the arena immediately.

The voice and dialogue of (the now) MISTER Fujin drew mixed reactions from the crowd as it played. They generally loved the previous gimmick... but these days?? These days tho?!? Call someone Masta... doesn't matter if their Asian and from a hypothetical situation in another dimension or not... but call someone Masta... and your days are over...

So MISTER Fujin...made his announcement for the Tournament of Souls. What does that matter to Quantum? He has other things to address.

He stands in the middle of ring eyeing the scene. He pinpoints on one fan, who cups his hands and yells "Fuck The King...."

What? This is a family show...

The kid chants again, and again, this time one or two catch on. Then again.. and it multiplies each time exponentially until its roaring... The Peasants have fully mutinied!

Quantum looks to the fan that started it all... he could always pinpoint where the chants originated from. He felt at times, he was able to egg them on to be the one who began the chant in the first place

But that's only happened a few times, and this time.. He was right.

As he gazed through the crowd in attendance he could notice half of them were pissed about the count out victory against George and hated The Future Man... and the other half were chanting thinking they were dissing George... but they all chanted the same thing.
He had to chuckled 3 whole times before addressing the night-

"Well hello, ladies and gentlemen and welcome to a surprise edition of StoryTime with... Me. And yes, You can say what you want, I don't wanna say the same thing twice...

Before we get to the real festivities let's flashback for a moment... or like... or to the future... 10 seconds.... and let's think about this real hard for a good moment in time...
Why? Why would Ol' Quantum take the count out victory facing George and just throw away all that good buildup I have been planning since I started smashing All Of The Fake Kings...

The Buger Guy....

The Kong....

ELVIS? Doc Brown knew it was an impersonator....

All of that for a buildup to him losing his championship...

((double sob eye motion)) .

"...so he could change his focus to me.. and once that focus was on me I was able to deliver one of the most decisive victories of CMV History...

Next ppv??? That's the time to shine, right? No. Sir. That is the Time To Qualify. And you traded your legacy... your championship, for a shot at retribution.... So does my count out victory mean anything??? To you it clearly doesn't. But to me?

I'll tell you one thing it does mean... it means I'm in the Money In The Bank match and you are not... I wish you best in that King of the Ring.... cuz who ever walks out that tournament WILL be crowned King... and you not winning just makes you George....

In other news, I got a phone call notifying me of someone new walking into the yard, calling out the biggest person they see.

BOB... LUGER ...

Bob, all you had to do was ask... and clearly you did.
I'll be honest, I'd had been disappointed had you called out anyone else on this roster.
But I know what you're doing, Bob... youre going to use some cardio and pretend you outlasted me...... so you can go back and brag to your boys over there you got a win on Quantum on an Unmatched PPV...
Bob.... you better double your burpies, triple your gains, and work on your 7 up, 7 down, and 7 fulls before you think for a Second you can bring the fight to my front door...

But you dont want it at my front door, do ya? You want it at Divine's front door in Tokyo. Well, let me deliver the present to Divine on his front door that he brought me on Fusion... a victory versus our enemies.

So my guest tonight, was supposed to be your Father.... ya.. I called yo dad on yo ass. Whys this kid acting this way. You know what he said? He told me... nevermind.... I'll save that for next time when I have Maurie booked...."

Quantum flips a cue card as if he don't give a shit who the baby daddy is...

"Let me introduce my new best friend, Lex....


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Re: STORYTIME in Mexico...

Post by RiftedEnergy on Tue Jul 31, 2018 3:22 am

Let's do us all a favor... and restart this. I know its a house show, but cut a camera on... you have one job. Rewind, and do it right:

This is how it really happened:

Quantum lifts the mic as he elbows the live crowd, "Yeah, still everything I just said... but also..... this part:"

(To be continued)


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Re: STORYTIME in Mexico...

Post by RiftedEnergy on Tue Jul 31, 2018 6:01 am

Lex Luthor sho nuff came out.

He greeted the fans casually and entered the ring.

" Mister Luthor, what a pleasure it is to have you on my show on short notice, after my original guest decided to quit at the last minute. Well, at least he had the foresight to know that Bob Luger will GO DOWN IN Tokyo...

and I'll quote 'Someone' as saying they heard Someone Else tell SomeBody Else that they had read from Somewhere that his father may have possibly been off the record on the matter when he was allegedly was misquoted saying 'Bob will go down in Tokyo...Much like his mother should have done.... so we would have never have had to deal with Bob Luger to begin with

Holy shit.... wtf was that? The crowd groans... and even Luthor shakes his head a bit

"Hey... guys chill out, I said that they thought he might have allegedly done it, chill out.... Mom jokes dont work on Luger fans... I get it... yall can do family jokes all day long but the second I do.... we groan about it. Grow up. let's move on.

So Mr. Luthor,

you and I have been friends for a while, right?

"Quantum,.... do you remember when I said you should change your finisher name to be called The Superman Punch... you know, cuz you kind of look like you're flying... and you said that's the dumbest thing you've ever heard!!!!"

"HAHA! Hell ya... I'm more of  Batman Guy myself.

" oh for sure, me too.

Remember when you wanted to build me a new chest peice but I told you these pecks are packing better than your best vests??"

"Bahahahahaha oh man! Remember when we rode that Harley..."

"Uhhh... Let's move on.....

So... Mr. Luthor, what is the key to your success??

"Well, I clone people and I thrift shop... and I'll show you what I just picked up!"

He buttons off and dawns his undershirt.

"Wait... you did what?"

"I clone people..."

"No, no, no, the other part... where did you get that shirt??"

"ya, I got it at a garage sale"

"oh ya? Just... Lex Luthor pickin around garage sales? Well, how much was it?

Lex is confused, " Um Hmm??"

Quantum asks for the 3rd to last time, "How much was the shirt?

" How... like how much did it cost? To purchase? At a garage sale?"

" uhhh... mmmhmmm yep how much did it cost?" <Repeating himself.... he hates that

"I'm  Lex Luthor, you think I look at a credit card slip when I purchase something from a garage sale? No... why? Because I don't purchase things from garage sales... I get your clone to steal things from garage sales for me!!!"

Quantum understands.... ""so... what you're saying is...

Lex nods accordingly, " yea... now you get it..."

"So What you're telling me is that, yeah...I got that shirt for my friend as a gift... and then he regifted that shit to a homeless person, who sold it to goodwill?? That's not cool man...."

Lex is confused again "what? Isnt goodwill for donations??

Did you hear the part about the clone thing? Quantum? I cloned you... you see... it's a very dire and serious situation we are talking about..

Q. ...That shirt was intended for THE Batman..... and you bought it at a thrift store? "

Lex  has had it! " Quantum... I didn't buy this shirt at a thrift store dammit!!!"

"Where did you get it then?? Plato's Closet????"

Lex couldn't take the pressure:

i got it... at CMVSHOP.COM!!!!!!


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Re: STORYTIME in Mexico...

Post by RiftedEnergy on Fri Aug 10, 2018 2:52 am

The full video is lengthy and explains the real Quantum using Lex Luthors technology fully to make this video an accurate timeline....

But this is what happened next...


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Re: STORYTIME in Mexico...

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