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THE Aftermath

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THE Aftermath

Post by RiftedEnergy on Sat Jul 14, 2018 6:09 am

At the NXT GEN HQ, a lady is seen summoning a....
"Uhhh, Mister... ...." but the sound of the client clapping down his magazine in excitement muffles the last name.

"Yes, he will see you now. Down the hall and his office is on the right."

As the client moves, the camera deliberately hides his face and allows him to walk his ass down the hall and take a right, opening a door that should have needed a clearance level.

Nope, that's not his office... oh well, foreshadowing is kind of his thing anyway.

Door shuts and guy takes an about-face, moving in the right (left) direction.

Quantum is behind a desk, waiting.


Yesssss, with the formalities. I imagine you allowed her to tell me the wrong direction to let me see your War room? I'm not very impressed, honessstly... "

The Future Man closes his laptop.
"You think I would deliberately do something for a reaction and see if the reaction was anything close to what should have been an action in the first place? C'mon, man, it's not like I'm asking you to change a championships name......"

"Noo... I think you would create a situation in which you knew the outcome, then the outcome wouldn't be what you want so you improvise. I mean, let's be honesssst..... you aren't The Prediction King...."

"No, but I am a playmaker. I am not one to sit idly by when I DO know what's coming."

"But here you sssit, in your headquartersss, idly by...."

"It doesn't happen overnight. This isn't the Tournament of Souls..."

"....in hell...."

"Right, so are you in?"

"sssoooo let me get this sstraight.... you want me to wait until after Aftermath..."

"THE Aftermath..."

"THE Aftermath, to join you in your conquest of 1 or 2 different options, but you won't tell me what the options are, until its decided?"

"You should consider it a priviledge I showed you the two options...."

"sssspeaking of THE Tournament of Souls...How about you consider it a priviledge I even joined you for this meeting, seeing as its planning and undertaking is underway?"

"Well, by all means... plan, and please do your best to 'undertake' but from my calculations, The Tournament of Souls hasn't really done much for anyone's career.... Hannibal was two years ago, and I'm pretty sure he's dead now, and Jack Spade won last year. Both of which, I might add, i took under my wing to promote FOR YOU and both of which, need to be noted, don't have fuckin jobs....

So tell me Mastaaa...."

"SIR! Its Mister, these days..... and These days, THE Tournament is different. If we open it up to other universes, this would actually help your agenda. You're too closed off sometimes... you should let people in

"Why? So they get close, just enough for them to know it's your time to fade into darkness?

Quantum looks at his watch, like hes done a million times before but now, each time, hes more and more hesitant

"Why should I help you, if you haven't done shit to help me?"

"Tell me what your plan is after Aftermath.... you don't sound like you have a lot of Time left... "

"THE Aftermath... and Fuck off....no, negotiations don't work that way. I promise you, the plan will work with or without me. You are either in, NOW, or you aren't in at all. Either way, THE WAR is coming...."

"THE War that George King will win?"

"MISTER KING has already stated he will win the war of Ours... he just doesn't realize which war he istalking about. He's already followed in my footsteps, challenging the NWG Champion at Ascendance. THE WAR is upon us... and The Aftermath will determine THE Catalyst"[/color]

"So, you want me to assemble the troops?"

"No, Mr. Fujin, I want you to assemble The Tournament of Souls.. and we will go from there..."


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