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A wake up call.

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A wake up call.

Post by Daz on Fri Jul 06, 2018 9:12 am

Brian Jacobson, I have been waiting for this day to come. You see, I used to respect you Brian. You're one of the few people who speak there mind no matter the consequences. The problem has always been, Brian, that you have never stood up and actually done something about your problems, and for ages of you ranting and complaining, I have told you to either step up, or god damn shut up.

And now, after all these years you finally have.

The thing is Brian, I have seen this day coming for a long, long time now. I knew it was only time before you snapped. The thing is Brian, you see me as the villain. You think that I came here, to CMV to "take your spotlight" which you seem to ramble on about, yet don't even have in the first place. I live for this Brian. I live for ignorant people such as yourself to come out here and allow me to show self entitled people like yourself why you're not, and never will be successful.

The difference between me and you, Jacobson is that you have always been told you deserve the spotlight. you have come to expect it, and you don't want to go out and earn it.

Then there's the people like me, Jacobson. The people who were told that they never would, never could. I'm the person who was just a joke for so god damn long. A walking and talking gimmick. But this career is a long road, Jacobson. While you are trying to get your quick fix of fame, I am in it for the long run. It has took me the past 3 years to get to where I am, Brian. And that might suprise some people, because they have only even known my name for a fraction of that time...

The thing is, unlike you, I never truly lose. Because when I lose, I win. Because when I take that loss I work my ass off like you wouldn't believe. That shit keeps me up at night, and I'm not satisfied untill I comeback and knock that shit out of the park the next week. On the other hand, whenever you lose you always find a reason to complain, and blame it on someone else. People like yourself sit at home and and suppress there anger and dissatisfaction and pass your problems on to the next guy, and that guy in this case is me, the man who constantly outshines you, the guy who constantly puts in ten times more work than you, the guy who is never satisfied, and yet no matter how many times I try and get it into your skull, you still fail understand.

And that, Brian, is why me and you are different.

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