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The Whole Damn Show

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The Whole Damn Show

Post by Rage on Sat Jun 30, 2018 1:14 pm

During Unmatched, Mr. Showtime didn't have a match this week, but he was backstage visiting with the wrestlers and scouting out the newcomers to the roster. He was genuinely a nice guy and very humble and respectful toward people. He was stopped by a backstage interviewer on his way out and Jenny Wheeler was by Showtime's side. The interviewer seemed excited and very insistent on getting a few words from Mr. Showtime.

"Alright, Alright. Calm down! I'll say my piece before Jenny and I head on out've here. We had a nice dinner planned out at this new restaurant I found in town. Anyway, I'm glad that hot mess with Takeshi is settled...we'll at least on my end. I think we'll co-exist fine so long as he doesn't flip me anymore shit. I hope for his sake that his Tag Team run with Rage works out. They look like a good team. I wish them well. As for me? Well, I had my sights set on a singles belt. I'd love to be the Undisputed Champion one day, but I'm not ready for that...not yet. But the TV title division is looking red hot at the moment. Lots of great talent I would like to pit my skills against. So yeah, I'll go for the Television Title. Should look nice around my waist and who better to be your new Television Champion than yours truely, Mister Showtime!"

He then hugs Jenny and kissed her lips before heading out of the building. Mr. Showtime looked very happy and confidant in his future with CMV. He really did believe he was the best in the business and looked forward to proving it to everyone.

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