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Where have you been?

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Where have you been?

Post by JokersTV_ on Sat Jun 30, 2018 11:38 am

A cameraman finds Amy waking around and heads up to her asking her why she hasn't been showing up on Ferocity lately

Amy: sigh ok...ok...I know some people may have been wondering "HEY WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!? WHERE'S THAT BADASS CANADIAN CHI-" Yeah yeah I get it, I disappeared off the face of the earth so suddenly. Well, where HAVE I been? That's an easy question with a rather...not so easy answer...I've needed to take time off because I was starting to be more unstable than I ever was before...so, naturally, I went to the hospital, and they've treated me and...her...well.....there really is no handling her now. Anyways. I know I missed iMPLOSION, I KNOW I missed so many Ferocity shows, but I PROMISE you all, I'll be back, and you'll be seeing a much, MUCH more different, and better, side of me.....now can you please go? I was trying to go for a walk! I'll be back soon enough, I can promise you that

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