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Painted Black

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Painted Black

Post by Maurie on Wed Jun 27, 2018 1:24 pm

Your eyes do not deceive you, here in the fallout of iMPLOSION, one of the first face we see is none other than that of Former Television Champion, Payaso. This week, not in his usual rung gear, but rather sporting some casual clothes but at the same time still bandages up ready for a fight.

Unpredictability will always be my downfall of my upbringing. Never know what to expect, but also never learned how to construct a plan. Something about iMPLOSION, all the lights, the crowd, just couldn’t concentrate on the take at hand because in the back of my head something was itching, and itching, and itching. And that itch didn’t go away until I was out of the match. I’m not the nervous type, but looking failure in the face was not something I looked forward to. I promised to bring that championship home so I could quarantine this show and make it my very own danger zone.

Now don’t get too hasty. That championship is NOT out of my reach. That was NOT my rematch clause. And I will NEVER be kept away from it after it is pried from the carcass of El Tigera!

Payaso has the fans’ attention and it looks like some of their support. Either way the reaction is strong enough to fuel him all the way to his opportunity.

The interruption of another member from the 8-Man match at iMPLOSION shifts the crowd’s focus when Benjamin Black appears in the stage with a microphone. Climbing through the hopes he clears his throat and stands before Payaso.

Benjamin Black
You know it really gets me triggered when I see the same guys, doing the same moves, rocking the same looks, but they all somehow feel like they deserve something. You all think you’re different. And it sickens me. You’ve been here for Three long years, kid. It’s about time I get a chance to be more than a throwaway match on the low midcard, or the pre-show match of a PPV. I think Benjamin Black is ready to get his championship match. So let me remind you that you were eliminated FIRST. And I was eliminated LAST. So if anybody “deserves” anything, it is most certainly not you.

Black, you give off the impression of a man who feels like he knows everything. Maybe you just aren’t as smart as you think. Those three years here haven’t even been the toughest three years of my life. What can you say you’ve done in your lifetime? Work some nine to five job just to go home and complain about life? You know no struggles and you obviously don’t know me. I am Payaso! The real king around here. The whole damn Jungle. The outLaw. And there’s many more words to describe me, but let me keep this short and sweet. In this psychotic little world of ours, I am a 5ft tall, light heavyweight. But you STILL find a way to call yourself the underdog in the situation. I couldn’t give less of a dam about and your pity party.

At that moment, Black snaps. He unleashes an all out assault onto Payaso with a takedown and a barrage of punches in the ground. He transitions into the full mount position and repeatedly strikes Payaso with “Fade to Blacks.” Black finishes him off with a tenth one before standing up. Black climbs out the ring and jumps off the apron. Payaso is left in the ring a bloody mess for the paramedics to clean up.

Luther Thunder: 1x European Champion
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Main Event Star!

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