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A picture is worth a thousand seconds...

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A picture is worth a thousand seconds...

Post by RiftedEnergy on Tue Jun 26, 2018 12:10 am

The camera is fixated on a picture of Tops Newsome at iMplosion. It zooms out quickly to show The Future Man holding it, clearly a different photo from George King's Throne Room.

"Wait.... just... a damn... second... so (air quotations to mock) "Mr. King" decides that since he lost his title... the one he fought so hard for the (more quotations) "higher ups" to accept a new name due to the fact that Quantum called out them out on their (more "") Television experience... so now he is in line to try to conquer a real championship?

Because... the (yup, quotes it again) "Higher ups agree" with him?
Let me ask you, Mr.... fuckin... just, George... did they agree with you when you faced me 1 on 1 before iMplosion and I showed you why I AM THE KING OF THIS RING, laying you down?

Then??? You stake claim to the past?? Saying, you should have had THE title shot at iMplosion LAST YEAR??! Oh. Did you win the rumble? Did you beat the guy that won the rumble? Nope... you just kept doing what you're doing now... living in this fantasy kingdom, with no peasants, no throne, and no claim to anything other than the name George.

Feel free to call out Eric Mathews... cuz (best quotations yet) "the higher ups" believe in you... the only thing I believe is what I have seen... and I haven't seen you be a king of anything but defeat since I put my hands on you."


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