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Implosion Prelude

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Implosion Prelude

Post by BatmanBatemanEC3 on Wed Jun 20, 2018 1:40 pm

[center][center]*- The Theme Of The Self-Proclaimed 'Masterpiece' Hits The PA System Rather Surprisingly Receiving A Loud Reception From Sections Of The Audience, Seemingly Still Firmly Supporting The Hot Mess Despite His Dastardly Actions In Recent Weeks. Marty, Oncemore Sitting Smug High Upon The Shoulders Of Strongman Man Bull Makes His Way Towards The Ring*

Eyes Open, Ears Peeled And Whether You Like It Or Not Let Me Talk To Yeah! Despite  Me Last Week Doing Exactly What I Said I Was Gonna Do In Beating Quantum Somehow Tonight I Find Myself Watching From The Back.

I'm Not Aggravated Anymore, All This Doubt It Only Fuels My Fire And Im Done Resting My Case. Sunday Is My Pedestal To Show What I Already Know, And That's Me Being The Best Professional Wrestler In The World. No Preparation, No GamePlan I'm Going Into Sunday Blind, My Hands Behind My Back Opposing Me Someone Who's Had Me Scouted For A Week. Can Tone White Say That? Can Tops Newsome Say That? Yet You All Perceive Me As A Coward?

*The Capacity Crowd In Attendance Break Out Into A Chorus Of Yes Chants*

IM A GODDAM SAINT COMPARED TO THEM! ..... And Sunday Night After A Dismal First Day, Yours Truly Will Work Miracles And Single Handily SAVE Implosion From Disarray. But That's Sunday, And Tonight For A Rare Occasion I've Got A Free Schedule. Now I Don't Get Paid  Extra For Charity Work But Tonight Im In A Giving Mood.

The Go-Home Show, Emotions Are High This The Last Chance To Sell Implosion To You All. And Whilst I Usually Couldn't Care To Lend A Hand To Any Of The Cooperate Monkeys Back There I Want To Ensure Each And Everyone One Of You Whether In Be In Attendance Or At Home Tune In Sunday To See ME SHOCK. THE. WORLD. Which Is Why Right Here Now Allow Me To Introduce The Movie Trailer To The Hollywood Extravaganza Because Right Now Were Holding An OPEN CHALLENGE.

Consider It A Preview Of What's To Come. So Anybody Back There Hoping For Fifteen Seconds Of Fame Because I Can Guarantee That's All You Last Come Down Here Right Now. It Will Do Wonders For The Twitter Account. FREE PUBLICITY FOR EVERYONE. Hell If I Can Make Ringo Maxx Relevant I Could Make A PaperBag Relevant Hell You'd Probably Get More Use Out Of It.

Speaking Of Ringo, There Is A Short Silence In Anticipation Before The Theme Of The Australian Death Machine Hits The PA System Much To The Dismay Of Strongman And Marty Who Are Livid. The Theme Plays But There Is No Sight Of Maxx Who Appears To Be Sending A Message To His Implosion Opponent. Paying Back Marty After Months Of Mind Games. The Two Look As If They've Seen A Ghost But Concern Quickly Fades To Laughter As It Seems It's Nothing More Than A Trick.

Emerging From The Crowd Maxx Enters The Ring, Stalking His Prey With A Kendo Stick In Hand. With Marty And Strongman Still Not Aware Of The Situation Ringo Strikes Them Both In The Rear Sending Each Crashing To The Met.

The Assault Continues Strike After Strike Ringo Wants Revenge After Months Of Mind Games From The Duo. Fearing That Any More Strikes Would Put Matches At Implosion In Jeopardy Officials Run From The Back To Restrain A Blood-Thirsty Ringo, Whilst Medical Personal Attend To Strongman And Marty.

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