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You would have thought

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You would have thought

Post by Mr. Dashing on Fri Jun 15, 2018 8:53 pm

We are live on on the UnMatched just two weeks before iMPLOSION and the crowd is murmuring to themselves after the last match.

They explode in a frenzy up onto their feet for whomever it may be either Slate or Borton, and after a second or two find out that it is indeed The OG Dirty Heel himself, sauntering out from the back with a look of disgust plastered on his face. He mimics gagging while slowly making his way down the ramp, looking around at everything with an expression that reads simply, "Ew." The Show reaches the ring and shakes his head, sighing before walking up the steel steps and entering the squared-circle through the ropes. Another head shake and he extends his arm out to the ring announcer, demanding her microphone. What a sight to see, Xander Slate, for the first time ever, on this side of CMV, on UnMatched, but not too impressed. He rests the mic just under his chin and pauses, moving his tongue across his front row of teeth he speaks in a disappointed tone.

So, this is it .... This is UnMatched ...

A pop from the crowd causes him to laugh, rolling his eyes as he responds.

Yeah, a bigger dump than I thought it would be ...

Boos hit him hard and he loves it, smiling at the fans' displeasure of his trash talk to the brand they love.

The only reason that I'm here, I'm sure that you all know, is for one man. Ricky Spanish is back there, somewhere, probably combing his pubes or sexually harassing some poor women, or man, I don't know, but he's back there. And I'm out here, I have a title defense this Sunday at Cause & Effect 3 but I'm here right now, because I told you all and him, that this wasn't over yet. Ricky Spanish got one over on me at Home Coming 3, he cheated, he used those damn rings of his and he cheated me, I was out there to have a good, clean match, you all know me, The OG Clean Face, right? But no, he had to resort to those filthy underhanded tactics to beat me, shame. And who would I be, what kind of man would I be if I let him get away with that? If I just let him come back over here and carry on like nothing happened? I'm willing, by God, I'm willing to endure this, low-grade, disgusting, talent-less, pit of despair known as UnMatched, and I'm willing to appear right there, up there that sign, at iMPLOSION, a cheap man's Ascendance, to call out Ricky Spanish for another match.

Despite his harsh words towards their favorite show, the thought of Xander Slate at iMPLOSION for the very first time excited the audience and they cheer, wanting this match to happen.


Xander smirks as the theme song of Spanish hit the PA system to a mixed but mostly negative reaction. A minute passes before Ricky emerges sporting a wild eye down at Slate who's now leaning on the ropes just waiting patiently. With a microphone in his hand Ricky licks his lips, cocking his head to the side and scoffing loudly.


He says ... Nothing, he just blankly stares down at Xander now and along with the CMV universe Slate doesn't know what to make of this. He barks up at Spanish to speak, throwing his arms in the air and finally, the crowd quiets down, it's silent, you could hear a pin drop, he breaths in ...

... Bitch

Laughter fills the arena while The Show nods his head, clearing his throat he points up at his foe and shouts.

Who's the bitch if you won't give me an answer?

"OHHHHHHH" from those in attendance prompts Ricky to snap back.

I'll accept your little offer of a match, on one condition ...

Slate blows air out of his nose and retorts.


Ricky smiles, his upper lip pushed out and he leans forward.

Submission .... Match, I want to make you say I quit, I wanna make you my bitch.

Xander looks filled with joy at the challenge, knowing full well that Ricky has no submission experience while he has been tapping people out all season long, it's obvious Spanish hasn't seen any of his matches.


Ricky swallows and winks while the crowd goes loud, out of their seats for this match being made official. Xander take a breath in before clapping his hands together to act as if it's Spanish tapping out, mouthing up to him, "big mistake" as the show cuts to a backstage segment ...

1x CMV Anarchy champion
1x CMV Tag Team champion


1x Mr. Money in The Bank, 2x World Heavyweight Champion, 1x United States champion, 2x CMV World Tag Team champion, Glammy award for Feud of the Year, Glammy award for Tag Team of the Year (W/Borton), 2x Glammy Award for Heel of the Year
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