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Implosion Is Mine For The Taking

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Implosion Is Mine For The Taking

Post by BatmanBatemanEC3 on Thu Jun 14, 2018 5:21 am

*The Theme Of The Self-Proclaimed 'Masterpiece' Hits The PA System Making His First Appearance Since His Vicious Assault On Ringo Maxx At Gridlock Two Weeks Ago. With Strongman Carrying Him Proudly On His Shoulders, Marty Makes His Way To The Ring To Explain His Motives Ahead Of A High Caliber Match With Quantum Later In The Night*

Backpage. FrontPage. READ ALL ABOUT IT. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat. The 30 Second Clip Of Me Smashing Ringo Max Through A Table That Gained Global Attention. One Whole Week. 14 Days Removed And Still STILL That Very Clip Trends Worldwide. Yet Still 14 Days Later The Question Remains. Why Marty? Why.

Isn't It Blatantly Obvious. That Clip, That Half A Minute Clip Gave Marty Michales More Publicly Than I've Ever Had Since Arriving to CMV. This Ain't Sour Grapes But Marty Michales Has Beat Former Champion After Former Champion, Omega Lee, Chris Adams, Troy Voodoo Have All Fallen To Me Only For Washed Up Have Beens Like Ringo Maxx To Steal My Spotlight.

My Problem Was I Was Too Nice, Too Innocent I Could Of Done Exactly What Tone White Has Done, Show Up Once In A Bluemoon, Collect A Paycheck And Leave For Another 3 Months But I Didn't Want That. I Didn't Want My Past Achievements And Accomplishments To Affect My Position In CMV Because Everywhere I Go I Feel The Urge To Physically Earn Everything.

But That's The Problem THAT IS THE SOLE PROBLEM BECAUSE DESPITE PERFORMANCE AFTER PERFORMANCE DESPITE STEALING THE SHOW WEEK AFTER WEEK Deathmatch, Gimmick Wrestlers Like Ringo Maxx Are More Rewarded. That Goes For Myself And For Strongman Standing Beside Me .It's Time To Remind The World Who I Really Am. WHO WE REALLY ARE.

I Arrived Here And People Considered It My Retirement Tour, Well At The Grandest Stage Of Them All At Implosion Im Going To Show That Im Barley Getting Started. Ringo Maxx Has Made A B-Line For Me Over The Past Month Like What More Do You Want? You've Had Your Fifteen Seconds Of Fame, I've Made You More Relevant In 4 Weeks Then You've Been In 4 Years.

If I Want To Make A Statement If I Genuinely Have The Attention To Steal Implosion I Can't Be Fighting Someone Destined For A Care Home Some Time Soon. And Strongman Will Assist You In Doing Just That Because I REFUSE To Fight You. Instead, At Implosion Im Issuing An OPEN CHALLENGE.

This Ain't A Stereotypical Open Challenge, Strictly Exclusive To The Unmatched Roster, This Challenge Is To ANYONE IN THE WORLD. As Far As I'm Concerned Come June 24th I'm Rolling Out Of Bed In My Tracksuit Pants And I'm Wrestling In Those Very Same Tracksuit Pants Because No One In The World Can Defeat A Motivated Marty Michales.

I'm A Prizefighter I Don't Bring My A- Game To An Ordinary Episode Of Unmatched I Save Myself For The Occasion, But Lets Be Honest, In Reality Marty Michales At 25% Is Better Than Quantum At 100 And Tonight Anyone Even Contemplating Stepping In The Ring With Me Next Weekend Will Be Made To Think Twice When I Make A Mockery Of A So Called "Legend". That Ain't A Prophecy, It's Reality And You Can Stand Back And Look At It.


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