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Rematch of the Century

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Rematch of the Century

Post by Miztacular on Sat Jun 09, 2018 3:15 am

The pyro hits, and the crowd cheer as we get underway with episode 60 of Ferocity, with just one more show to go after this until iMPLOSION the crowd are hot and raring to see what is about to unfold! Live from sunny San Francisco California episode 363 starts NOW!

Mr Gnashtastik:

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to episode 60 of Ferocity! Episode 363 as a whole and what a banger of a show we have tonight, including that HUGE Main Event as booked by the fans following last weeks poll, but before we get to that lets talk about what is to come in less than two weeks time. The grandest spectacle of the year! Which for the first time ever will be Main Evented by two competitors from the Ferocity roster! It's going to be absolutely fantastic, one you certainly don't want to miss. But now, it's time to get into our first match of tonight's Main Card!

But before we can get to the first Matchup of the night, the theme of what could largely be considered the greatest competitor in the history of the Women's Division, a trailblazer of sorts. Jade Dynamite hits the PA system to a large ovation from the crowd here tonight. Up on their feet for one of the most iconic competitors in the division. The first ever CMV Women's Champion, Jade Dynamite. It doesn't take long for the longest reigning female Champion in CMV history to make her way out from the back, rocking her Danger Close Merch over her attire as she walks out to the stop of the stage, raising her arms up high into the air, feeding off of the crowd. With a gigantic smile on her face Jade Dynamite begins to make her way down the ramp, handing out high fives to the nearby crowd members, reaching over the rails. However before she enters the ring, Dynamite makes her way around the side to retrieve a microphone from the timekeepers area. Upon grabbing it, the former Women's Champion turns around and makes her way into the ring, rolling in under the bottom rope and quickly getting up to her feet in the center of the ring. Before she begins to talk however, she allows the crowd room to cheer, the packed arena here in California repeatedly cheering her name for near enough a solid minute before Dynamite is able to get a word in.

Jade Dynamite:

Thank you! Really, I appreciate it!

Before she can continue on, the crowd rally back to their feet with the Jade Dynamite cheers once again, humbling Dynamite down to a smile.

Jade Dynamite:

That's great, you're all great! But as much as I appreciate this love! Right now I don't deserve it.

The crowd quietens down, curious to hear Dynamites explanation for that comment.

Jade Dynamite:

Now, when I say I don't deserve it, you're probably wondering "what the hell" but I'm going to be real with myself, with my tag team partner, and with each and every one of you. Ally and I, we may have beaten Raiden and Brianna at Gridlock, but that has been my one actual success this season. When I cleaned up my act, when I changed my ways, for the people. I did so with promises, promises to bring down The Establishment, promises to fix this Division I had once left in ruins. In the past 8 months or so, I've done nothing of the sort. Ally and I secured major wins, we've been leading the charge against The Establishment, and making strides. But, I have to say it. The credit for that goes to Ally. She's been the true driving force behind Danger Close and this entire movement. She's been over coming the tasks set in front of her, while I've been falling at near enough every hurdle. I didn't beat Andy when I defended everything this Division stood for at Infiltration. I didn't beat Quinn upon my return at Redemption Road. I couldn't overcome The Establishment two on one, and I failed to win the rumble from #1, but the one that worst of all, I couldn't beat Riley Dixon and shut down The Establishment for good. But you know who has won the rumble, and who was able to beat Riley? My tag team partner, the person I am overjoyed to be working alongside, Ally Cage. For my shortcomings this season, I'd like to apologise to her, and to each and every one of you.

Most people would be fine with that, you know. I've only lost five or six times this season, That's a great record for most. Most people would be infatuated with a record like that. But I'm not most people. This season has been my worst as far as wins and losses go, and we're not even near the end of it yet.


This isn't a sob story. Because just like this season, this isn't over. I see light at the end of the tunnel. The stars have aligned themselves perfectly, and I believe firmly from the bottom of my heart that times are changing. Within the past month, I redeemed my loss to Andy, I beat The Establishment at Gridlock and, just recently, I defeated the ONLY people, with unanswered wins over me. Quinn-Belle and Riley Dixon in tag team action. But, that doesn't do it for me. You see while I beat Riley, I only pinned Quinn. Riley was the one that got away, well she's not going to get away any longer.

People of the CMV Universe! I might have let you all down, I might have failed to deliver when it counts this season! But the tides are changing. I'm finally back to form, and with the faith of the CMV Universe and my tag partner behind me. The Dynamite Dynasty will rise again! Throughout my tenure in CMV, I've only ran with the Undisputed Women's Championship, in fact, I've gone as far as to disgrace the Women's Intercontinental Belt in the past. But that was a different time, and a different me. I realise that right now, it's Ally's time, she's going to go to iMPLOSION despite of The Establishments best efforts, and become the new CMV Undisputed Women's Champion just as she deserves. With that in mind it's time to mix it up, it's time to go after something different. Riley! You're sitting in the back right now, watching along, joking around with your Establishment buddies. Well let this be known, every fight is different, you got me the first time and more power to you, it was a great performance. But I'm going for you, I'm coming for redemption. Not just for me, but for the CMV Universe. I owe it to them for standing by my side, through all  of my ups and downs, despite how I treated them all those years ago, they stuck by me, and I will not fail them again. Riley you will fall, and it won't be for me or my ego, it'll be for all these people that want to see the end of you. Each and every person in this crowd, watching around the world despise you. They want you out. They are sick of you, and you've done yourself a damn good job making them feel that way. But it'll be my job to rid them of you, that's the least I can do for what they've done from me. Beating you, crushing your ego, will be the biggest step in removing The Establishment from CMV completely and when it's all said and done, it won't be me taking the praise, taking the credit, no. It'll be the people, because every thing we do, week in, week out, is for all of them, without them, there'd be no us. Somewhere you got lost along the way, your ego floated to levels unheard of, and with the fuel these people throw into the fire that is my fighting spirit, I'll tear you down, and remind you that THEY are what we do this for... Not ourselves.

The crowd once again rise to their feet chanting "Dy-na-mite" over and over preventing Dynamite to continue on due to the sheer noise of the live crowd, overwhelming the PA system. Dynamite lowers her microphone and simply stands in the center of the ring, taken away by the ovation. She once again allows the crowd to give her their praise momentarily before continuing on.

Jade Dynamite:

You hear this Riley?! Unlike you, I'm not a selfish, self obsessed pawn, owned by Laura Sampson. I have the crowd behind me, I have the people on my side. It will be MY destiny to relieve you of your reign with that Women's Intercontinental Championship. Just as it was my destiny to become Champion all those years ago. You beat me once, and more power to you for it. But I'm calling you out, for the biggest match that Women's Intercontinental Championship has ever seen. You versus me, iMPLOSION. Right in your home town of Chicago. The rematch of the century. We might be in Chicago, but i'll be the hometown hero, the Champion that Chicago deserves! Get on out here Riley. Come face to face with me, one on one, no lackeys to watch your back. If you choose not too, if you choose to ignore this, you're simply delaying the inevitable. You've got a target on your back, and when I light the fuse you'll have a cannonball flying right towards you, one you won't be able to avoid. Because eventually, no matter how much you delay it. I will get my redemption. I will give these fans what I promised, I will do right by their name, and most importantly, I'll take you off of that high horse you've perched yourself upon. One way or another, you'll lose that belt eventually and it'll be me taking it from you.

So get on out here...

Jade Dynamite lowers her microphone and glares towards the stage, all of the eyes in the stadium follow her gaze, awaiting the potential arrival of the current CMV Women's Intercontinental Champion, Riley Dixon.. But the question on every-bodies mind lingers, will she answer the call?

-Open to Alveuss

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