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Things need to change

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Things need to change

Post by Decided Villain on Thu Jun 07, 2018 11:34 pm


Aaron is seen pacing back and forth waiting for something until Cody Douglas enters the room. Aaron jumps to him and grabs him by the shoulders

Aaron Waite : We need to talk!

Cody doesn't know what's going on, he looks tired and careless.

Aaron Waite : I can see it in your eyes, Cody. I mean Jesus H Christ we haven't been on TV in god knows how long. When was the last time we had a segment without getting out asses kicked? Huh? Look at you, fuck... Look at me. We haven't been treated the way we should be treated. Shit, Cody. When was the last time we were allowed to vent? I know I entered this group through a loss but dammit I could see something here. I thought that maybe we can take over. Bring back what once was. Bring back a certain Intensity this show needs. But look at us. Where the hell even is Chet? When Charlie Garfield and Boso can get on a show and we can't something must be up. We show up every week to do some dark matches without our fearless leader? Did the news say he was raining or something so he fucked off?

Cody, I don't know how you feel about this but surely you see what's going on here right? He's given up. He let us down, his ego got the better of him and then he ran away. Honestly, wouldn't be surprised if he left us because we don't wear stripper bow ties with purple tights.

Aaron takes a step back and sits down on a chair behind him. Cody is still processing what Aaron has just said. Taking it in.

Aaron Waite : I think we can both agree something has to change here, Cody.


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