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Brothers turned Rivals

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Brothers turned Rivals

Post by ANGELS4EVER70 on Sat Jun 02, 2018 10:47 pm

As the dust settled, and the bell rang, Global Anarchy stood tall in the ring. Charlie and Tobias celebrate in the ring, shaking each other’s hands as both Dean and Jay begin their trip up the ramp. Tobias and Charlie continue to celebrate in the middle of the ring, but as they were celebrating, out came HUNTER QUINN!! Hunter Quinn walks out to the entrance, as Charlie scoffs at the arrival of his rival. Hunter Quinn is greeted in a half-hearted way, the fans not sure who to go for in this situation. As Hunter gets in the ring, he’s greeted by Tobias, who gets backed off by Charlie. As Charlie is busy handling Tobias, Hunter grabs a microphone from the ring announcer.

“Sorry to barge in on you two, but just wanted to see the “Lone Wolf” in person after our little scuffle some ways away. Now, Charles, let’s get one thing straight. The only reason why I’m out here is because I want a rematch. And thankfully, Implosion is just around the corner so how about this; you ditch that triple threat and challenge me for a match at Implosion.”

The crowd cheer on the idea of the two rivals butting heads once more. Charlie on the other hand, just laughs in front of Hunter’s face, gesturing to Tobias. Hunter tosses the microphone at Charlie, with luck almost dropping it. Charlie grows calm and collected, moving the microphone up to his mouth.

“Heh, you’re funny, Quinn. It’s sad to see so much potential get dragged down by incompetence and lack-lustering behaviour. Like after Omega, you just shut down. And you became a whining, little lapdog. Hell, you let ME convince you to join Global Anarchy and then you thought you had the reins to the whole thing, DEMANDING me to do your petty work. All because you didn’t have what it took. I fought Josh Omega, LIKE A MAN!! I fought Kevin Roads, LIKE A MAN!! I fought Justin Tyler LIKE A MAN!! Even though I’ve lost those matches, guess what? Those losses didn’t mean squat. But to you, every loss is a matter of life and death. You lose to ANYONE, and throw a hissy-fit in the locker room just because. Hell, there were times when I thought I was babysitting you. Through the Young Gunz, through Global Anarchy, I’ve just been watching over you!! Telling you what you should and shouldn’t do. Until I had ENOUGH. I planted a seed within Global Anarchy, a seed that wiped you clean off the map!! A seed that wiped the Maple Leaf Grapplers off the map!! A see that wiped KRIS KRYPTIC off the map, figuratively and literally. And I made Global Anarchy into the commadrament it needed to be!!”

The crowd boo the Businessman, as he just gestures to the crowd that, arguably, he is the best in the business. Tobias just claps on his leader in Global Anarchy. Hunter just grows bored and irritable, as Charlie sees it, calming down for a minute.

“You know what, why am I focusing my attention on Global Anarchy. YOU clearly had something to say, so I’ll respond to your challenge; No. I’m not wasting my opportunities to go down the same, barely usable, road we’ve been down before. I’ve beaten you already and I will clearly beat you again. So no, I won’t be fighting you at Implosion.”

Charlie signals Tobias to leave the ring, as Charlie attempts to follow suite. But as soon as Charlie walks past Hunter, Hunter grabs Charlie by the wrist and hits him with the RIPCORD KNEE!! HE HIT CHARLIE WITH HIS OWN SIGNATURE!! As Charlie lay still in the ring, Tobias runs in after Hunter, who quickly escapes into the crowd!! Tobias checks on Charlie, as Jay Money from NGW comes running around, protecting the two from Hunter, as the Quinn continues to make his way into the crowd and out through the exit. The scene falls on both Jay and Tobias quickly making sure Charlie is alright, as medics roll onto the scene.

“I am the one thing in life. I can control. I am inimitable. I am an original”

Jay Davis: 2x Light Heavyweight Champion
Jaquan Shay:2x Anarchy Champion
Guri Sukonov: 1x International Champion, 1x Alpha World Champion
Rey Furioso: 1x Rising Star Champion
Charlie Garfield:
Davina Blair:1x Women's Intercontinental Champion

Charlie Garfield is a god among men.

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