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The Voodoo Doll gets Cut

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The Voodoo Doll gets Cut

Post by Solaris Arc on Fri Jun 01, 2018 7:19 pm

Troy Voodoo lied on the ground after his match against JLV, slowly beginning to recover as the victor of the bout left the ring. As he rose, however, he was quickly blindsided with a spear into the barricade.

Gerhard Fischer was the man to perform the brutal spear, leaving a wave of boos to splash into the arena. He chuckled softly, looking down at Voodoo as he crumpled and held onto his ribs.

Gerhard Fischer
Huh ... weinst du?

He kicked Voodoo as he tried to stand, causing him to fall back.

Ah. Du bleibst genau da, wo du bist.

Fischer grabbed a microphone from nearby and smirked.

Everyone thought I was gone for good after Payaso beat me. But, guess what, I am Still Here! And I'm going to continue on my mission in the CMV.

Now, look at the man who lays before you... An old man, crumpled on the floor. A man who had seen the world and had beaten it half to death... But cannot bear to stand from a single kick.

What have you become Troy? A crippled man with no glory and no one to reach out to.

Fischer slowly walked back, staring Voodoo down as he leaned against the barricade. 

So, I'm going to beat that glory out of you. And make you a legend.

Fischer dropped the microphone and slowly began to walk away.

(Miz told me to make this. Had to rush it out for yall because I don't have much time to do anything this weekend!)


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