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Post by Topher Mod on Mon May 28, 2018 12:32 am

The shows starts with The Puppet Master’s theme playing and out comes the Undisputed Global Champion, he shakes his head at the annoying little marks in the crowd and gives a cheeky grin, he slides into the ring unfastens his title from around his waist and hoists it up high as half the Universe cheer and the other half boo…. He points to the time keepers area and signals for a mic where some guy passes one…..




Most of the Universe begin booing.

Tops : did I mention PREDICTABLE……hahaha, you see, there’s a reason why I’m the one holding this title and not Sunshine,  after I applied the figure 4 leglock around the ring post and we both fell to the outside…. Predictable Sunshine wanted to stay on the outside, he wanted to inflict as much damage to me on as he could, but I don’t back down from a fight, he wanted a brawl, I gave him one….but he failed to realize or maybe he’s just not that smart, you can’t win a championship on the outside and that’s why I’m STILL your CMV Undisputed Global Champion…. Sunshine you can cry, piss and moan and make all the excuses you want for being the biggest failure I have ever seen in my life, probably why some guy came in after our match and beat thee holy hell out of you.

Now that’s out of the way, tonight I face the winner of the poll match, What a greeeeaaaaat idea by our new GM Johnny Sampson…. Oh hi Johnny, how`s the head by the way? Hope you’ve recovered from last week, haha… Well we all saw the poll… will it be….





Each getting a reaction from the CMV Universe

Well I don’t care who it is, none of them have a chance against me……… Lee, Fischer, King…. Hell even if they all teamed up I’d still humiliate, embarrass and destroy them all. There’s only one Puppet Master…. One man who pulls the strings, no matter what anybody thinks…. I am The Master Manipulator and tonight I show the world why I am the best….Disagree..and I’ll have to give you a dose of Mind Control….. No Strings Attached of course.

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