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Marco and Red

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Marco and Red

Post by Funniest Man Alive on Sun May 27, 2018 1:49 pm

During Unmatched, a promo plays telling us about the upcoming debut of Marco Lopes Batista and Red Demon Jr. The video showcases a highlight reel of their work in the Indies. Marco and Red show up on screen.

Marco: Welcome CMV viewers to the two greatest wrestlers in the world today. Mr. Unlucky 13 himself, Marco Lopes Batista and my very good friend, Red Demon Jr.

Red speaks in Spanish

Marco: As you can hear, Red doesn't speak english, and that's fine because he lets what he does in the ring speak for him. Red is one of the greatest luchadors in wrestling history and the fact it took this long for CMV to sign him is a travesty.

Marco smirks and Red puts a finger over where his mouth would be at.

Marco: That brings me to the other tag teams. Italin Stallions, Done for. Kingdom, Regicide. Mexitan,hecho. Jamal's lackeys, Done for, Syndicate, Nada. Street Gods, Consider us god killers.

Red walks off but Marco walks closer to the camera

Marco: (whispering) And if you don't believe ask El Tigera

Marco walks off

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