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All Eyes On Us...

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All Eyes On Us...

Post by BatmanBatemanEC3 on Tue May 22, 2018 3:58 pm

After A Victorious Effort Against Stars And Stripes The Unlikely Duo Of The Jersey Eye Candy Casey Watson And Nancy Hurt Stand Victorious Returning To Winning Ways. Standing By Microphone At The Ready Is Lisa Evans, Hoping To Gain Insight On How The Duo Came To Light.

Lisa Evans: Nancy Its Fair To Say That...

Before Lisa Can Barley Begin She Is Interrupted By Watson Who Ferociously Snatches The Mic Seemingly Jealous That She Is Not The Centre Of Attention.

Casey Watson: "I'm Sorry Lisa But What Kind Of Journalist Are You? Did You See That? Did You See What I Just Did Like Seriously Your Main Headline Is Standing Right Here. Nancy? Nancy? I'm Sorry What Has Nancy Hurt Done In The Last Two Years That's Worthy Of Any Recognition"

Nancy Can't Take Anymore And In A Rare Occurrence Grabs The Microphone

Nancy Hurt: I'm Standing Right Here, Why Don't You Say That To My Face

Watson Notices How Aggravated Nancy Is And In Cowardly Fashion Pushes Lisa Evans In Front Of Her Using As A Shield From An Enraged Nancy Hurt

Casey Watson: "Look Calm Down Okay I'll Hold My Hand Up And Sincerely Say That... I'm Sorry.... I'm Sorry I Didn't Tell You This Earlier."

Watson Has A Smug Smile On Her Face As She Turns Ans Panders To The Crowd. With Tensions High Lisa Evans Departs The Ring Leaving A Vulnerable Watson And A Irate Human Bulldozer In The Form Of Hurt Who Stalks Watson Waiting For Her Moment To Strike.

Without Any Knowledge Of Evans Departure Watson Turns Round To Find Hurt Towering Over Her Stalking Her Prey. In A Last Ditch Effort To Save Herself Watson Tries For A Cheap Slap To The Cheek But Fails Miserably Instead Hurt Catches The Arm And Locks In A Bearhug. Watson Screams And Squirms Desperately But Hurt Shows No Remorse Squeezing The Life Out Of Watson Who Is Helpless Until A Unfamiliar Theme Hits The PA System Forcing The Release Of The Hold.

Nancy Directs Her Attention To The Stage Only To Be Attacked From Behind By An Unknown Figure That Lurks Behind Her Kendo Stick In Hand Before Swinging Into The Rear Of Hurt Sending Her Crashing. Watson Now Back To Her Feet Rolls Out Of The Ring And Makes Her Way To The Timekeepers Area Seemingly Seeking Medical Attention However Grabs A Steel Chair And Heads Back To The Ring As The Two Unleash Onto The Helpless Hurt.

The Savage Assault Continues Over And Over Repeated Shots To The Midsection Of The Grounded Goliath. Watson Grabs The Microphone From Ringside.

Casey Watson: That's 300 Pounds Of Deadweight Off My Shoulders. I Want The Respect I Deserve. Alice Blake, Candice Leone, All Walked In Here And Cut The Cue. Where Is My Opportunity? I Had To Form A Makeshift Goliath With THAT Just To Get Noticed? IM THE NEW JERSEY EYE CANDY! Well No More Waiting I Have A Resolution. Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend Right? Well I Found A Diamond In The Rough Who Like Me Is Sick Of Being Overlooked.

Sylar Rowan: " For Those Unaware My Name Is Sylar Rowan But It's Okay I Forgive You. I Mean How Could You Possibly Know? That's The Problem. That Is Our Agenda. It Took Me Too Long To Get Here But I Did It. My Whole Career I Was Doubted And I Proved Every Last One Of Them Wrong, So Did That I'm Here I'm Not Going To Stand By Pedestrian And Let Gross Uggos Like Nancy Hurt Overshadow Me.

Casey Watson: " If Your Not Given Opportunity, You Take Them. Ferocity Is About To Be Gate-Crashed..."

Both Watson And Rowan Chuckle Before Mocking Hurt And Standing On Her Mid-Section Taunting As Ferocity Goes To Commercial.

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