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Payaso Promo

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Payaso Promo

Post by Maurie on Wed May 16, 2018 6:04 pm

Payaso enters a dark room. The clown is mic’d up with his Television Championship around his right shoulder. This isn’t a usual look for Payaso compared to his usual paint, aesthetics, and ring gear. Payaso is wearing an all black suit with some basic converses to stay away from the fancier look. He inspects the place with his eyes. Not to long after that, Mac Thompson enters the room from the other door. He’s mic’d up as well and ready for this interview. The two shake hands on sight.

Mac Thompson
Thank you for being here. Nice to meet you.


They both sit down in their chairs.

Mac Thompson
Okay Payaso. This is a unique type of interview, since you’re definitely a unique kind of star. I’ve got a set of questions worth asking and answers aren’t something you’re known for giving.

First time for everything Mac. Hurry this thing up. I've got places to be man.

Mac straightens out his stack of papers and begins to read his first question to Payaso who smiles while groping his championship.

Mac Thompson
So Payaso, how did this transition occur from Parker to Payaso?

Payaso rubs the bottom of his chin and grins a bit.

As far as I can tell, I've always been Payaso. Parker was an extension of who I was. A circus clown. I am more Payaso than Parker now, but when the paint is on, I feel like I'm in a different place. When the paint is on, the memories come back and the adrenaline pumps faster. It's a hard feeling to describe, but an even harder feeling to attempt control.

Mac Thompson
What are these “memories?”

Payaso takes a deep exhale and lies his championship on his lap.

I am the youngest child of the Thunder Circus. I was not wanted most of the time, and treated worse than these other guys ever have in their entire lives. You all know Luther, and most likely you knew Mariah too. We came from a desperate family. I just so happened to be born at the wrong time. My name is Payaso. We come from a Spanish family, and my Spanish fans know that Payaso is Spanish for clown. To them I was just another clown in the Circus. We were trained at young to be clowns. There was so little money coming from our Circus. Our parents thought more clowns would bring more money. There was only one kid expected at the time so Luther, as usual, got the better end of the stick. I was a shadow. Coming to America to wrestle was the only source of income we've ever truly had. When the Circus came crashing down it was a tragedy, but also the best thing to happen to me. It came down in a fire. A fire that I started. I was tired of being one if the clown twins. That's why the Circus was destined to fall. And I'm happy it did.

Payaso crosses his legs to end off his explanation. As Mac sits back spellbound.

Mac Thompson
What was your intention when you first made the decision to cross over to Fusion after your short NXT run.

Well, short after I arrived, Luther did as well. I wasn't going to let him steal the spotlight again, so I had to make the move. And it seems I'd have been bettrt off here the whole time. My time in Fusion was a waste to say the least. Loss after loss. All because of this righteous ego.

Mac Thompson
Did you ever think you'd be this big a star in CMV?

As soon as I walked down the ramp behind Luther at Showdown, I plotted every move. He'd like you to think he's the brain, but I was persuading every cell.

Mac Thompson
Wow! I'd never had expected you to-

Save the shit. Let me guess, you all think I'm just some dumb kid that plays dress up as a clown huh? This is the life I was forced into. I've been grimey. I've played dirty. And I wouldn't change that if I had the chance. Being Payaso Trueno has made me the longest reigning Television Champion in history. And I plan on retiring with this title Mac. Mark… My… Word!

Payaso rips the mic from his chest and picks up his championship. Mac stands up to remove his microphone, but Payaso comes running back, giving Mac Thompson a taste of his boot.

Have a nice life, Mac.

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