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You were there.

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You were there.

Post by Gumble on Sun May 13, 2018 3:54 am

Ferocity is well underway as the lights go down and the theme of the first ever women’s royal rumble winner and former hardcore champion Ally Cage plays over the PA system…

The crowd gets to their feet and applauds, showing their appreciation for the welsh born wrestler. Cage walks out on to the stage looking around at the crowd in attendance before walking to each side of the stage and raising her arms in celebration. She walks down to the ring making sure to high five the outstretched hands of the CMV Universe before sliding into the ring and making her way over to a waiting microphone. She pauses for a moment before nodding her head and bringing the mic up to her lips.

Ally Cage

Not a bad few weeks right?

The crowd cheers once more as Cage laughs with the crowd, waiting for them to die down a bit…

From fighting the establishment, to making a tag team with one of the strongest women I know, to finally winning the ROYAL RUMBLE! Yeah it’s been one hell of a month! But with all these ups it’s just inevitable there’s got to be downs. All these roadblocks that the establishment put in front of me are finally catching up to my health. As you all know, last week I wasn’t here because I had to undergo a few medical tests and so on. The truth is I suffered a ‘stinger’ in that Kristen Page match and I’m not going to lie it was a scary experience, waiting there not knowing if the chance that I worked so hard to grasp was going to be ripped away from me, that was one of the hardest times in my life.

The crowd listen intently to Cage, fearing the worst...

So I finally get the results and it’s good news, no fractures, no major problems. The relief I felt after getting those results, the euphoria that washed over me was equal to only one thing, getting to come out here and wrestle for you guys, that’s the only thing equal to what I was feeling in that moment.

The crowd cheers for Cage...

You guys have been with me from the start, from back when we didn’t have our own show, when we would wrestle on Fusion getting 2 matches a card, you guys were there for me. When I got betrayed by every woman that I called a friend, you guys were there for me. When we finally moved to Ferocity and made this division and show something we could all be proud of, you guys were there. When I won my first title, the hardcore championship, you guys were there and with the help of the previous owners we made that championship one of the most prestigious in the company.

The crowd shows that the respect is mutual and cheer once more for the Uncaged one...

I teamed up with one of the realest women on the roster and together we battled the establishment along with some ‘bad company’ of course.

Ally gives a cheeky smile as the crowd pops for the mention of Bad Company…

And now the path to Implosion is laid out in front of me, I’m facing Jade Divine, a woman that I both admire and have a certain bitterness for. You see I've never beaten Jade Divine, in fact, I've never come close. My loss to jade was the first that made me change, the first loss that made me question if I wanted to do this. But I persevered, I grew as a competitor and now, I’m more ready than ever.

The crowd cheers for the fire and passion on display by Ally…

I realise now that I have nothing to lose going into that match, Win or lose I KNOW you guys will still be there, and that’s enough for me. Thank you.

Ally lowers her mic and once again smiles at the crowd, the scene fades.


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