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CAW BIO: Nick Blake (Update: Anarchy Rulz 2018)

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CAW BIO: Nick Blake (Update: Anarchy Rulz 2018)

Post by Tim on Sun Jan 17, 2016 3:42 pm

Ringname: Nick Blake
Othernames: Mr. Money in the Bank
Full Name: Nicholas Avery Bastion
Birthdate: October 12th, 1991 (27)
Birthplace: Norwich, England
Billed From: Leeds, England
Debut: NXT: Unmatched #24 (January 7th, 2016 in real time)

Nick Blake is CMV Superstar currently under contract with Fusion and Genesis. He is the current Mr. Money in the Bank and a former 2 time NXT Television Champion. In 2018 he would be the surprise entrant at the Absolution Royal Rumble that year. He would win the Money in the Bank brief case at Battle Scars II but would be the first ever to fail a MITB cash-in against JustIN Sane at Anarchy Rulz 2018

Early Life |
Born in Norwich England to Nathan Bastion and Nora Bastion (ne' Olivia), Bastion lived a peaceful life. At the age of 6 he got into wrestling and watched any promotion he could find. At the age of 15 he began learning how to wrestle and joined several promotions between ages 16 and 20 before finally being picked up by CMV Developmental territory. Due to his poor attitude he wouldn't debut on NXT until 6 years later.

Wrestling Career |

Debut, Legend Killer and Winning the Television Championship

Bastion under the ringname Nick Blake debut in a losing effort to Souel in what some would consider a squash match. Following that Bastion would go on a legend killer streak beating names like Novak and Matthews. At some point Bastion was given the opportunity to choose between the European title or the Television Title to be the number one contender after showing such a strong performance. After defeating Novak he decided to go after the then Television Champion, Zack Starr at Rage in a Cage. At the event; In a Steel Cage match, Bastion would hit his signature Head Trauma and after failing to pin Starr off it, would climb over the cage wall and would claim the Television Championship and would end Zack Starrs PPV streak at 6 and 1. At the UnMatched following Rage in a Cage, Bastion defeated Zack Starr's brother, Nick Starr in singles competition. After witnessing Make-A-Wish given Mr. Wentworth in his tag-team match win, Bastion would offer Mr. Wentworth a shot at the Television Title in a Triple Threat with Leo Cruz at Showdown. However manager Sampson would remove Leo Cruz from contention and in his place put Matthews. The week after Bastion would take a loss to Brett Angel in a Fatal 4-Way, however he was not pinned. On UnMatched #32, Bastion would again lose to Colin Styles in a one-on-one match and once again before Showdown to Leo Cruz after Cole Savage would interfere costing him the match. At the PPV NXT: Showdown, Bastion would lose the Television title in Fatal 4-Way after being pinned by Matthews.

Second Reign as Television Champion

In a later Fatal 4-Way on NXT, Bastion would pin Leo Cruz to win. At Nightmare Before Twistmas Bastion would become 2 time Television Champion after reclaiming it from Erick Matthews. Bastion would pin Big Chris in a House Show and then Jaymes Landon Vain after D'angelo Saint Daniels would perform a pre-match attack on UnMatched #42. Bastion would fight NXT veteran Marko Punish in a very close match, but after two Head Trauma's and 3 Face to Mats, Bastion would finally put away Punish on UnMatched #43. At NXT: TakeOver; Bastion would face former NXT Champion Akira to defend the Television Championship. After grueling match Bastion would retain his title.
During the Royal Rumble, Bastion entered at #26 and eliminated 2 other superstars before being eliminated by August Happy Town.

Feud with Aaron Waite

After Bastion eliminated Waite in less than 30 seconds from the TakeOver rumble. Aaraon Waite would let out an angry message threatening Bastion. At UnMatched #46, Waite would attack Eric Matthews who attempted to cash-in his rematch clause on Bastion. Bastion would then try to confront Waite but he was no where to be found. Bastion, clearly flustered, would lose his match on the house show against Tops Newsome in a stunning upset. Before that though General Manager Jonny Sampson would lay down a stipulation that would eliminate Eric Matthews from the Television contendership and would only have Waite and Bastion at UnChained fighting for the Television Championship. At a House Show, Bastion would tag-team with Mr. Wentworth in losing effort against Aaron Waite and Akira. At UnChained Bastion would lose the Television Championship to Waite in No Holds Barred match.

Injury and Return at Absolution 2018

After his loss to Aaron Waite, Bastion would start a small feud with Tops Newsome before being brutally beat down after a taping of UnMatched. He was out of the ring for more than 2 months before he returned at Absolution's Royal Rumble as a surprise entrant; he managed one elimination before being eliminated himself. Later that night it was announced that Bastion had signed with Fusion and Genesis.

Feud with Billy Weaver

On Fusion #41, Bastion would call out Weaver before the show start. Claiming that he is the punisher and he's here to hurt all the superstars on the roster because of both UnMatched and Fusions lack of care for their talent. Stemming from the fact that Tops Newsome never received punishment for injuring Bastion. Before Weaver's match, Bastion would attack him from behind, compromising the match. On Genesis #41, a hellish brawl would ensure backstage ending in both men being arrested. However, directly before the main event, Bastion would return to the arena driving the Police Transport that took them both and claiming he would humiliate Weaver in the ring, instead Weaver would fight back. The fight would push to the ring where Bastion would knock out Weaver with Head Trauma and propose a match at Purgatory.

At the beginning of Fusion #42 Bastion would disrespect the crowd and Billy once more. A short chase took place throughout the arena until Bastion left in his SUV. When Billy's match took place, Bastion would appear again and take out his scheduled opponent and fight Weaver instead. After two Head Trauma's Bastion would put down Weaver, securing his first win in Fusion/Genesis. The next show, Bastion would be scheduled for 6-man tag team match again Billy's team. While not pinned, Bastion's team would lose after his teammate, Duke Briggs would be pinned by Weaver. Bastion would call out Weaver once more before evading a potential beatdown from Billy. At Purgatory Bastion defeated Weaver in a Falls Count Anywhere match. He would gloat for the coming weeks until Weaver and Bastion's fighting had Johnny Sampson announce that at Ascendance IV, the two rivals would battle in Steel Cage and in an attempt to assure order, issued a restraining order saying that if Billy violates it, the match at Ascendance will be off. Weaver would pay Duo Maxwell to beat up Bastion and the week following he would threaten Weaver's son in front of a live audience. Weaver would come out enraged and Sampson would stop them. Saying that if Blake picked on Billy mouthed off once more, Weaver would be allowed to violate the restraining order without penalty.At Ascendance IV Blake would lose to Billy after Weaver climbed over the cell.

Money in the Bank

On the fallout show for Ascendance, Sampson would place Blake on a team with Eligah Stewart against Billy Weaver and DJ Moore. The winning team members would be placed in the Money in the Bank match at Battle Scars. Eligah would almost cost his team the victory until he would tag in Blake, who would deliver a Tornado DDT on Weaver, pinning him and scoring his and Eligah's place in the Money in the Bank match. After the match, Blake would deliver a Head Trauma to Eligah, claiming that "If [Eligah] ever risked [Blake] a loss in a match of that magnitude again [Blake] would give him more than Head Trauma." Before Fusion #50, Blake would offer to fight Kurosuke and Kesell for Cole Savager's services and in vice-versa. It is set that at Battle Scars not only will Blake be taking on these two men in a handicap match, but he will also be in the Money in the Bank match. On Fusion #51, Nick Blake would take on Eligah Stewart in the co-main event. After a heated conflict, Blake would be pinned by Eligah. Blake scheduled to take on Cole Savage's friends at BattleScars took on one-half of them in Marley Kassell on Fusion #52 in a winning effort. At Battle Scars. Nick Blake would defeat Kassell and Kurosuke in his Handicap match and then in the main event, Blake would win the 2018 Money in the Bank contract.

Cash-In and Subsequent Defeat
At Anarchy Rulz, after JustN Sane would retain against Hayden, Blake would cash-in and fail in defeating JustIN Sane and become the first ever male superstar to fail a MITB cash-in in CMV's history.

Style |
Bastion uses mostly strikes but can perform moves such as DDTs, Standing Sea Fires and Shiranuis. His moves primarily focus on damaging the head.

In Wrestling |

    - Finishers
Head Trauma (Round House kick) (2017 to present)
    - Signatures
Superkick (2017)
Tornado DDT out of the corner. (2017 to present)
Face to Mat (Facecrusher 3) (2017)

    - Entrance Theme
To Be A Champion

Championship & Accomplishments |
2018 CMV Money in the Bank Winner
NXT Television Champion (2 time)
At NXT: TakeOver Bastion eliminated 2 other superstars.
At Absolution 2018 Bastion eliminated 1 other superstar.


Updated: August 21th, 2016

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