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Post by Topher Mod on Sat May 05, 2018 5:49 am

We are live on Ferocity and in the Co-Main Event Quillow once again team up to face the newly won Tag Team Champions of Bad Company…The camera pans to the titontron as we see The Queen a limo with shopping bags by her side…

Quinn : Put your foot down Pablo ( limo drier)… I don’t want to be late for my match against Fury and Cassie, Bad Company, but seeing as I have a few moments spare, I have  a few words to get off my chest. The 1st ever 40 Womans Royal Rumble was held at Take-Over…. Well technically 39 according to some internet nerds, just because I came out twice, Well let me clear some of you uneducated losers out there what really happened, cuz I heard people saying I took Willows spot, that I attacked her, I did this, I did that…. Nah what really happened was she missed her flight, is that my fault, hell no, but instead of her no showing the Rumble, I decided to re-enter in her place, cuz that`s what best friends do….Sure she may have cost me my Rematch for the Undisputed Woman`s  title  and a spot in Rage in a Cage, but we all make mistakes……Well not me, anyhoo… Tonight we prove to the whole universe who the best team on Ferocity is, Quillow is taking over and there’s not a god damn thing no one can do about it….  But I was still screwed out of my rematch clause and screwed out of the RUMBLE, Cage should have never won that, she cheated when she eliminated me, everyone knows I’m the true winner of the Rumble and one day I will hold what is rightfully mine….The Undisputed Woman’s championship….. But till then Bad Company you’re in Quillows sights, and with those Targets on your back, well it’s just a matter of time till Quillow pulls the trigger, hahaha........ Wait Pablo pull over i just seen some cute boots in that shop window.

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