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We're here...

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We're here...

Post by ANGELS4EVER70 on Fri May 04, 2018 8:50 pm

*As Unmatched #83 commences, the lights go down and the PA System begins playing the thunderous tune of the Orchestra!*

*And as the thunderous noise continues, the army of Global Anarchy emerges from the gorrila position, with a few new faces. Charlie Garfield, along with Frank Hunter, Tobias Hyde, Kris Kryptic, Jay Money and the Maple Leaf Grapplers, walk down the ramp, the crowd cheering for the group of profound “rebels”. As they enter the ring, Frank and Tobias roughly escorts the ring announcers and referee out of the ring, as Kris and the M.L.G stand side by side with Charlie, boasting and taunting the crowd. Tobias hands Charlie a microphone, as Frank and Tobias join in the line.*

“Weeeelcome ladies and gentlemen,to the Global Anarchy show!! Unmatched!!”

*The crowd cheer on the group, as they snarl and snicker at the dumbfounded attention they have. Charlie just smirks, knowing his plan was in affect.*

“Now for those of you who aren’t familiar with Global Anarchy and have been living in your mother’s basements for the past couple of months, then let me introduce ourselves; The British Bane, Frank Hunter!! The British Serpent, Tobias Hyde!! The Nightmare, Kris Kryptic!! The Maple Leaf Grapplers!! The Legacy, Jay Money!! Annnnd the one and only, The Businessman, Charlie Garfield!!”

*The crowd continue to cheer Global Anarchy on, chanting “GLO-BAL!” Continuously. The group just stand by, not giving attention to the “mindless insects called fans”.*  

“Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get onto more relevant topics. As you can see, a certain someone is out of the equation as of now. That someone is Hunter Quinn. Now you idiots will ask why he got kicked out. And to be honest, him on the team made us look bad. I mean, come on! He throws temper-tantrums like a child almost every time he loses and shoves it in everyone’s faces that he actually wins something! It’s downright disrespectful to us, as a class of wrestlers, to have to babysit some greedy idiot wanting to win all the time! So I pulled the plug on him...”

*The crowd goes mildly quiet, but with faint chants of “Fuck Quinn” and GLO-BAL!” continuing on in the background.*

“Don’t get it twisted, we enjoy numbers. But we also enjoy communication, reliability, HOPE!! Something Hunter Quinn didn’t bring to the table. He’s reckless, insubordinate, and is about the farthest thing to a professional wrestler. He’s just a one trick pony and sooner or later, the reigns on that one trick pony are gonna catch him for a whirlwind. And when that day comes, just know that it will be me...no, US, going for the kill.”

*The crowd pop, as Kris Kryptic makes it clear that HE wants Hunter, giving that famous throat slit taunt to the hard camera as Charlie just observes the crowd*

“Also, another thing! At Takeover, my target by the name of Sunshine, lost his Global Championship in a unification match to, you guessed it right!! D’Angelo St. Daniels...Really? I mean sure he beat the great *and late* Tone White, but what does that prove? That he can beat some part-timing superman wannabe with his eyes closed? Or that he can beat some freakshow side-act that wears a smiley mask? Those two questions alone sum up DSD’s career. Now, And, listen. I respect your accomplishments, your terrible t-shirts, and hell maybe even your little upcoming performance that you have going on in your little Bootleg Crisis Nightclub arena, selling more than 100 tickets to your little Hotline Miami fanclub. But I do not respect you, Ang. I didn’t respect you from the beginning. Hence why A) I called you out at the pinnacle of MY career here and B) Why your hormone inducing ass blocked me on Twitter. I mean, you could just be, I don’t know...a man about things! We talk about it and then we’d be on different pages. But nope, you had to take the bitch route and run away like the cowardly lion you are. So have fun holding your little imaginary championship after getting your little hopes and dreams ran in the dirt by some Old Transvestite with a hard-on for jumping brands the same way Amber Briggs jumps on the Kliq’s wangs. Because I know after this, you know where my values stand. So Sunshine, DSD, and yes even Tops Newsome, you’ve been warned by Global Anarchy. We’re coming. And we are going to leave CMV in a ruined warzone, digging our claws into your fragile egos while we hear the faint cries of death screaming out your bodies, begging for forgiveness. When in reality, we don’t forgive...and we don’t forget. Be scared...be very scared…

*Charlie let’s the microphone drop out of his hand, as he stares, devilishly smirking. He then falls back, along with his brethren of G.A, out of the ring to go to the back, letting the show continuing*

“I am the one thing in life. I can control. I am inimitable. I am an original”

Jay Davis: 2x Light Heavyweight Champion
Jaquan Shay:2x Anarchy Champion
Guri Sukonov: 1x International Champion, 1x Alpha World Champion
Rey Furioso: 1x Rising Star Champion
Charlie Garfield:
Davina Blair:1x Women's Intercontinental Champion

Charlie Garfield is a god among men.

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Re: We're here...

Post by Mr. Dashing on Fri May 04, 2018 9:31 pm

Give this a solid week

1x CMV Anarchy champion
1x CMV Tag Team champion


1x Mr. Money in The Bank, 2x World Heavyweight Champion, 1x United States champion, 2x CMV World Tag Team champion, Glammy award for Feud of the Year, Glammy award for Tag Team of the Year (W/Borton), 2x Glammy Award for Heel of the Year
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Re: We're here...

Post by PREDICTION KING on Fri May 04, 2018 10:17 pm

Day tops


Accomplishments :
2019 Heel of the Year as KLIQ (Bob Luger)
2019 Feud of the Year with Schmidty vs Johnny Sampson
2018 Heel of the Year as Schmidty
2018 Newcomer of the Year as Schmidty
2018 Face of the Year as Bob Luger
2018 Promoer of the Year
1x European Champion as Schmidty
2x United States Champion as Schmidty
1x Undisputed Champion as Schmidty
FIRST 2x Alpha World Champion as Bob Luger
1x Tag Team Champion as Murdoc
2x Tag Team Champion as Freddy Osborne
1x Rising Star Champion as RGP
FIRST 2x Light Heavyweight Champion as Billy Weaver
1x Light Heavyweight Champion as Bryce Hurt
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Re: We're here...

Post by Topher Mod on Sat May 05, 2018 4:47 am

more like  12 hours

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Re: We're here...

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