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Post by Red Chocolate on Fri May 04, 2018 7:43 pm

And here we go!

The moment the fans have ALL been waiting for is here. The thousands of people absolutely packed into the building all rise to their feet, clapping, whooping and hollering in a frenzy of excitement that they don’t even bother to contain. This right there is the moment that they paid to see -- about to make his entrance is part of the reason why this arena is boasting record-breaking ticket sales. The cameras do a quick sweep of the arena to give the fans at home a taste of this atmosphere, and you can’t even go a centimeter in either direction without either seeing a “LEO CRUZ” sign or spotting a child wearing a Leo Cruz mask.

They’re everywhere you look! And they’re not all just his countrymen.
These are people of all shapes, sizes and colors, who have come out here in droves to the aftermath of Takeover to celebrate a moment they only dared imagine in their wildest dreams: Leo Cruz main eventing Implosion.

Cole Savage dances his way onto the stage, his music providing a contagious rhythm that it’s impossible to stay still to. In his hands he’s waving around a Mexican flag with Leo Cruz’ face plastered right in the middle of it, and just the image of the Royal Rumble winner is enough to spark another burst of deafening cheers. Savage is all smiles, his laughter somehow heard even over the crowd and music. He sets the flag down so that he can pull a microphone out of his pocket, but any chance of being able to speak is dashed as the people join together in an awe-inspiring symphony of support to chant “LEO CRUZ” at the top of their lungs.

And they can do it without shame.

Without embarrassment.

Without risk of ridicule for daring to believe in the underdog. All their faith and support have played a role in bringing Leo Cruz one match away from finally achieving his dream of being a World Champion. A minute goes by, and then two. And then three.






Over and over and over and over again, with everything that they have and even after their throats have gone sore and their voices threaten to abandon them. Eventually, Savage has to show them some mercy, half-lifitng his right hand in the air to signal that it’s okay for them to stop -- Leo Cruz isn’t going anywhere, and when they wake up tomorrow, and the day after that, he will still be the Royal Rumble winner.

The noise finally begins to die down, though the more rambunctious of those attending the show pepper in a few more bursts of applause. However, complete silence is a pipe dream. Even now, at the crowd’s quietest as they wait for Savage to speak, they’re buzzing and crackling with energy sourced by this newfound excitement, an enerygy that leaves some unable to even sit. Savage smirks and raises the microphone up to his lips, finally ready to bless this crowd with a sermon. That is until, white noise fills the titantron and a video begins to play.

To be specific, it’s a video of him, a few weeks ago speaking from the heart in deliverance of a passionate monologue.

Cole Savage wrote:And just like that, all the pieces are starting to come together.

Just like THAT the future is becoming a little more set in stone.

Last night you all watched and bore witness as LEO CRUZ beat out five other men and EARNED the right to main event Implosion. That's right, we're already looking past the rumble, because there shouldn't be a doubt in ANYONE'S mind that being the thirtieth entrant doesn't guarantee that Leo Cruz will win the whole shebang!

Those other twenty nine men will be so tired and worn out that they'll be easy pickings for a man who's STARVING for the chance to be at the top of the dog pile. Hell, even those precious few seconds that will separate him and the twenty-ninth entrant will provide enough of an advantage for Leo Cruz to take advantage of.

Savage nods in agreement, even gives himself a mini applause for speaking the truth. He again lifts the mic so that he can speak, but another replay cuts him off.

Cole Savage wrote:The difference between then and now is that I don't want there to be any surprises.

I don't want people to say that Leo Cruz winning the Royal Rumble was a fluke.

What I want is for you to get used to the idea.

Accept it.

Embrace it.

Leo Cruz WILL win the Royal Rumble.

Leo Cruz WILL main event Implosion.

And in a moment YEARS in the making, Leo Cruz WILL be a world champion.

The crowd bursts into applause once more, Savage’s motivational words having an packing an even bigger punch in hindsight. Everything he’s said has come to be so far, and now there’s no reason no to believe the future, Implosion, won’t play out exactly the way he says it will.

There’s no reason not to believe in Leo Cruz.

For the third time Savage looks to be ready to speak in real time, but a replay of a previous promo does the talking for him. Luckily, Cole Savage is the only man who Cole Savage would allow to interrupt Cole Savage.

Cole Savage wrote:That’s right, YEARS! Or have you all not realized how quickly time flies? Have you all lost track of all the times Leo Cruz is passed up, ignored, because some flashy kid rolls up then burns out. Leo Cruz has been here for YEARS and the powers that be are so quick to pepper in their “next times” and “we’ll take it into considerations” yet he’s ALWAYS the first name forgotten when it comes time to determine who will take the reigns as the face of the company.

I’m sick of it.

I’m sick and tired of LEO CRUZ being treated like an afterthought. I’m sick and tired of LEO CRUZ being the picture perfect representative of this loyalty to UnMatched that’s always preached, and nothing ever comes of it. LEO CRUZ will go down in the hall of fame, or I’ll die trying to make that happen. That’s where the line has been drawn.

How can you have the most exciting, the most athletic, the most impressive, transcendent talent to ever bless the ring, and turn a blind eye? I don’t get it, and trying to wrap my head around the way this brand is supposed to work is giving me a headache and more grey hairs than I’d care to have.

[Savage chuckles as he runs a hand over his shaved head then uses the same hand to removes the sunglasses from his face in a smooth motion. There’s a huge smile on his face, as he continues to soak in the adoration of the crowd.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Couldn’t have planned it out any better myself.

What better way than for LEO CRUZ to be crowned and officially recognized as the very best in this company than to win in the main event of Implosion?

I told you this day would come.

I told you that it was only a matter of time.

My only regret is that it’s not DSD waiting for us at the end of that tunnel. I would have loved nothing more than to get revenge for last year’s Implosion AND coronate Leo Cruz on the same night. Alas, some things aren’t meant to be. You’ll have to forgive me in my old age ‘cause I went and forgot that there’s not a more  iconic pairing than D’Angelo St. Daniels and DSD choking away his Implosion main event match. Stay tuned next year to see if he goes for the trifecta.

Sunshine wouldn’t have been a bad consolation prize either. After all, it was that match against him that set off the chain of events which cemented the thoughts in management’s mind that Leo Cruz can’t be a star in CMV. That night set into motion months of building his career back up from scratch until we got to where we are today.

With DSD and Sunshine canceling each other out in their mediocrity, we’re left with option C. And all of a sudden they’re trying to change the narrative. Let’s make one thing clear: I don’t care who the champion is. I don’t care if there’s a champion. If the Main Event of Implosion ends up being an hour-long celebration  where Leo Cruz is awarded the vacant championship, then so be it. We did the hard part. Leo Cruz earned that title match. The easy part is what comes next.

The titantron once more queues up a replay, this time of the very first meeting between Leo Cruz and Cole Savage nearly three years ago.

Cole Savage wrote:I will make them sit up and take notice. I will make the world perk up and listen when I tell them that you are the future of this industry. I will get you a spot reserved in the hall of fame because when all is said and done you will be in a league of your own.
You shake my hand and any title you set your eyes on will be yours. Shake my hand, Leo, and this company is yours for the taking.

The scene fades on the image of Cruz and Savage shaking hands -- essentially buckling the seatbelts that would hold them in place during their wild ride.

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Post by Red Chocolate on Wed May 16, 2018 12:47 pm

UnMatched goes live to the sight of Cole Savage standing outside in front of the arena. Behind him, Leo Cruz is swarmed by fans who are excitedly getting the Royal Rumble winner to take pictures and sign autographs. Many are visably of Mexican descent, but more than enough look to come from all parts of the world--enough to show that Leo Cruz' appeal transcends cultural barriers to give him an appeal that has spread throughout the fanbase.

Savage looks over his shoulder taking in the image of his first client soaking in and basking in the adoration of these people. Savage turns to look at the camera, the microphone clipped to his shirt allowing his voice to be picked up over the commotion going on behind him.


The satisfied smirk that was on Savage's face only a second before, dissipates before our eyes, replaced with a frown magnified by the wrinkles on his face. Savage spit out the name as if just saying it was beneath him, and he might as well pull out a handkerchief to dab away at the aftertaste the name must have left behind.

You've got some nerve.

Savage growls out the sentence, doing what he can to appear calm on the surface while pure rage bubbles beneath the surface like magma on the verge of being expelled from a volcano. He takes a deep breath, his piercing, unwavering stare never shifting as though he could see Sinister watching from the other side. The other side. Fitting. As that's where Savage wants to send him based on his expression of pure contempt.

I want you to understand something: there was a time where you could have been considered the next big thing. There was a time where it could have been argued that you were one or two big wins away from becoming a household name in CMV, a staple. Not anymore. That time ended two weeks ago when you had the audacity to lay a finger on your Royal Rumble winner, on your FUTURE World Champion, Leo Cruz. And now, your time is just about up. Who the HELL do you think you are? You risked injuring him weeks before the biggest match of his career at the biggest show of the year. And for what? Because you were upset? Because you claim you were never "technically" eliminated from the Rumble? Well I don't give a damn!

All that matters is that at the end of the night it was LEO CRUZ who was the last man left standing. You had your chance, and you blew it!

Savage takes in a deep breath and holds it before letting the air free in a long, exasperated sigh.

Tell me something, Sinister, what did you expect would happen? Let's try to get into your head a little bit. What, Leo Cruz gets hurt, can't make Implosion, so you swoop in like a hero to valiantly fight in his place as the "uncrowned" winner of the Royal Rumble? You've gotta be out of your mind! What kind of monster do you have to be to rip away someone's chances at main eventing Implosion? You've gotta be, cold, calculating, ruthless, five steps ahead of the other man to pull something like that off. The heist of the century they'd call it.

Savage gives the camera a sly look.

Unfortunately, Sinister, you are none of those things, or you MIGHT have succeeded. But you're not. So you failed. You've failed, and now you have no one to blame but yourself when you face the consequences. And there WILL be consequences. We don't let things like that slide under normal circumstances, but now with the stakes as high as they are? Well, you better pray that there's enough left of you to find work on another show. We're going to have to make an example out of you, because it seems I didn't make myself clear enough: Leo. Cruz. Is. Your. Next. World. Champion. And I'm not letting anything or anyone get in the way of that. Since everyone is so hard of hearing, we're going to have to do a visual demonstration, and you'll be exhibits A through Z of why you don't cross someone who has friends in high places.

Savage smirks as dark though crosses his mind, wild plans of what exactly he could do and have done to Sinister in retribution for his heinous attack.

If I had a mind to, this could have all been handled already, behind the scenes, with as little a mess made as possible. But I'm a fair man; at least I'd like to think so, anyways. I'm sure there's a long list of ex-enemies who would say otherwise. Still, I'm going to at least give you a chance to fight back inside of the ring. After all, that's the gentlemen's way of handling business, no?

There's a pay per view coming up, Sinister, and I want you there. I want you to fight and show the world why it should have been you who won the Royal Rumble. Why it should be you fighting for the most precious prize in the industry. And then I'm going to have the flames of hope snuffed out when I have you put down.

I don't need pariahs coming out of the woodwork saying they have a claim to the throne. I don't need there to be any doubt Leo Cruz earned and deserves his shot at the title. The doubt starts and ends with you. Though, this Sunday is your shot to prove me wrong. You have a shot to shock the world and get your name in the conversation. You could win and all of a sudden people will start wondering if it should be you in the match, if you should be the wrestler a three count away from making history. In one fell swoop I'd be discredited and labeled a false prophet. What a hit that would be to me and everything I stand for. I would never be able to rebuild, and you'd be hailed as the dragonslayer, the one who put down the big, bad Cole Savage for good.

Savage shrugs.

It's a shame miracles are a myth.

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