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A Song of Fire and Ice

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A Song of Fire and Ice

Post by Solaris Arc on Fri May 04, 2018 2:51 am

Ferocity's opening pyro ended about as soon as it began and the mere second after the final firework went off a song blasted onto the speakers, not even giving the crowd time to celebrate the excitement.

The fans tried to make heads and tails of this unfamiliar theme, but were quickly taken by surprise as Amy Winters came out. Winters had a new look about her that many saw during the women's rumble. The crowd roared in jubilee at the sight of one of Ferocity's fastest rising newcomers returning to the show fully healed. She looked around at the crowd with a cocky smirk and picked up a microphone and chair from the sound table. She unfolded the chair on the stage a took a seat, scanning the crowd.

Amy Winters
Quite a bloody standing ovation I'm getting here... I'm happy to finally get back to work here in Ferocity. However, I'm going to need you all to quiet down so that I can think properly...

The crowd did as she told, slowly quieting down.

How bloody long have I been gone? HOW long was MY CAREER taken away? Three weeks? Four weeks? Two months? None of that matters now, right? Because I'm back, right?

No. There's no reason for me to be happy about MY CAREER being nearly ripped away from me. There's no reason for me to feel lucky about having a hyperextension in my knee, rather than a torn ACL. THERE IS NO BLOODY FUCKING REASON FOR ME TO BE HAPPY TO BE BACK, BECAUSE THE TWO MONTHS OF WAITING WERE. COMPLETE. FUCKING. HELL. FOR ME.

How can I regain this happiness? By destroying the people who are responsible for that fall from grace. By tearing open the rotting, infected wound on the arm of this company and TEARING IT OFF.

Winters sighed angrily, gripping onto her head and taking in several deep breaths.

While I was injured... There was one person who came to help me in my time of need. One man who helped me channel all of this anger and let it out in a focused rage...

Josh Wolf. One of my closest friends. A man who I have known since I began my career only four years ago. Wherever he went, I went. Came to me in my time of need and helped me learn how to unleash my true self.

The Winters you saw before is still here. The Killer Queen is still here...

But now... I am going to put emphasis on that 'Killer' part. I will not play nice. I will not be a hero. But I sure as hell won't be a villain either... I will be....



I will be what I wanted to be. What I needed to be.

And when the time comes and my career is over... All that will be left is a blood trail. A trail of guillotines, nooses, and firing lines... Because I am the goddamn Killer Queen.

Winters set the mic down and walked back into the gorilla position, leaving fans stunned at the sudden change in attitude from Winters. And yet, they still cheered her, knowing that Ferocity was destined for a change.


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Re: A Song of Fire and Ice

Post by C9 Suntan on Fri May 04, 2018 3:08 am

Amy Wolf

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