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Global Anarchy!!

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Global Anarchy!!

Post by ANGELS4EVER70 on Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:30 pm

As Unmatched Ep. 81 continues, the lights play a vibrant purple/gold scheme, as the Young Gunz, Charlie and Hunter!!

They walk out to the ring, wearing some very non-Young Gunz like attires. Both men get in the ring, Charlie fiendishly smirks, as Hunter just stands behind him. Charlie nudges Hunter to grab a microphone, and as Quinn goes for one, he starts attacking camera crew and staff throughout his path, he grabs the ring announcer and throws him in the ring, whilst he walks into the ring with a microphone in his hand. Charlie shifts himself in front of Hunter, as he gets handed the microphone. Charlie, going non-script, looks at the hardcam, in an inhuman-like way, as he begins his speech.

Unmatched...CMV….You stupid fools. You have no idea what…”plague” you’ve put onto yourselves. You know who we are? Let me remind you who WE are…

And as Garfield says that, he grabs Hunter and shoves him in front of him, but he doesn’t lose pose. He stands straight but giving a look at how he’s changed. He cut a majority of his hair, grew out a beard, and got a slight tan. He just stands in one place, as Charlie just lurks around him, like a tiger stalking his prey.

Hunter Quinn….former United States Champion….and current Tag Team Champion!!

Charlie then points to himself, giving Hunter the catch to move out of the way.

Charlie Garfield, the Okami!! Former Undisputed Champion and Former Double Champion!!

CMV isn’t ready for the Young Gunz...Which is why we’ve split up…

And then, the crowd grew silent. We’ve seen this with Unmatched, with relatively good tag teams being grown apart to either go into singles competition or just leave in general. The Young Gunz aren’t different….Until….

...Now I present to you, a new bloodline of professional wrestling. A new boundary amongst the hundreds in CMV. I present to you….GLOBAL ANARCHY!!

The lights go out, and the crowd pop. Suspense is built up, the sweat is breaking in every fan in the arena. The classical Mozart like music begins playing, as Tobias Hyde and Frank Hunter, walk out to the stage of the entrance. The crowd lost their minds, seeing the two in CMV!! WTX Superstar, the British Bane, Frank Hunter!! And the British Serpent, Tobias Hyde!! The two Brits then walk down to the ring, ignoring the adoring crowd whilst doing so. They go to the ring, as they both walk up to Hunter and Charlie. Charlie unknowingly shakes both men’s hands. But as the embracement continued on, Frank and Tobias, alongside Hunter, fall in line behind Charlie, like a Sergeant amongst recruits in a military. Charlie begins to walk over to Tobias, clearing his throat into the microphone, trying to get the people’s *already drawn* attention.

Tobias Hyde, our young boy!! The man who, alongside Hunter Quinn, will DESTROY the tag team division as a whole!!

Tobias looks disgusted in a way, as he just looks straight into the hardcam, while Charlie pats him on the pex and begins walking to the behemoth of a man, Frank Hunter.

Frank Hunter!! Super-Heavyweight and one of the best and biggest on this planet!! And FUTURE European Champion!!

And as he finishes the introductions, he then walks to the front of the line, smirking even more as he even begins giggling devilishly.

And I...I will be going for the Global Championship! And I am going to drown the infant that is Sunshine out of the spotlight and put him in his place, like the mangy mongrel he is. Global Anarchy WILL live up to its name. Whether clean or not. We aren’t those kinds of people. We’re the people who go in that ring, and win….Actually, we don’t care if we win. We care if we make an Impact...And we will show all of you….PURE ANARCHY….

And just like that, the footnote that is Global Anarchy, unfolds in CMV, as the four walk out of the ring behind Charlie. As they walk up the ramp, Hunter and Frank attack 3 cameramen, leaving the battlefield already in shambles. Will this be CMV in the shadow of Global Anarchy? Or will this group of misfits burn out as fast as they began?

“I am the one thing in life. I can control. I am inimitable. I am an original”

Jay Davis: 2x Light Heavyweight Champion
Jaquan Shay:2x Anarchy Champion
Guri Sukonov: 1x International Champion, 1x Alpha World Champion
Rey Furioso: 1x Rising Star Champion
Charlie Garfield:
Davina Blair:1x Women's Intercontinental Champion

Charlie Garfield is a god among men.

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