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It ends with you in a grave!

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It ends with you in a grave!

Post by PREDICTION KING on Sat Apr 14, 2018 2:05 pm

Schmidty and Brass Ring Club pick up the W to a roar of cheers from the crowd. They all throw their arms up and celebrate until a voice can be heard over the music to send all gazes to the stage.

Johnny Sampson
Everybody but Schmidty out!

JT Fury, Kris Sullivan, and Flashyy all look at him confused while ATL and Anarchists get to their feet on the outside.

Johnny Sampson
Get out of the ring and to the back right now or you're all FIRED!

Johnny looks confident and his tone is almost frightening. However, Brass Ring Club don't look like their going anywhere. That is until Schmidty assures them he can take care of himself. So with that assurances they are at ease and begin their way up the ramp with ATL and Anarchists trailing them. On their way out, Kris Sullivan stops to give Sampson a dirty look before following his brothers to the back.

Mr. Dashing
What does Sampson have planned?

Before ATL and Anarchist make it backstage, Sampson stops them.

Johnny Sampson
You lost....but make it up to me.

He points at Schmidty and the four men smirk at the boss and head back down the ramp while a group of security hop onto the stage from both sides and guard the entrance to make sure that the BRC or any other allies of Schmidty do not come to his aide.

Mr. Dashing

Oh no! This isn't good! Schmidty, get outta there!

Schmidty backs up and prepares for a fight as both the ATL and Anarchists slide in the ring and go right on into the attack. Schmidty gets a few licks in, but the four quickly outnumber the one and he finds himself on the mat getting stomped on by a couple of men seeking an opportunity to impress the boss. All while Johnny slowly walks down the ramp with a smile on his face. Taking off his blazer and rolling up his sleeves in the process. Behind him, the massive wave of guards keep the BRC from coming out.

JT Fury
This is bullshit!

They can't stand what's happening but due to the force Sampson has put in their way, all they can do is watch as he dismantles Schmidty.

Mr. Dashing
My goodness, Sampson planned this all along. I thought it was odd Schmidty wasn't in a handicap scenario or some cage match. At this rate, Schmidty may not be in good condition to compete this Sunday....

Sampson slowly makes his way up the steps and through to ropes as ATL and Anarchist finally let up on the assault. They then back off while Sampson walks over to him. The look in his eyes says it all. He's out for blood and he can't wait till Sunday. Everything the two have done to each other, all the pain they've gone through, it all leads up to one moment but he's not willing to wait to let out that pent up aggression. He yells out to him. "You're going to be sorry you EVER crossed me!". And with that the Anarchists hold Schmidty to his feet and hand him over to Sampson who wrenches his arm before drilling his boot to Schmidty's face, laying him out!

Mr. Dashing

Oh damn! That move looked brutal!

"Oh i'm not done!" He rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair from the ringside area before rolling back in with it in hand.

Mr. Dashing

No Johnny......come on you've proven your point, don't do this!

The game is obvious to the fans. He's looking to break Schmidty before their match to ensure his victory. So without another second to waste, ATL, Anarchists, BRC, the security guards, and the entire CMV Universe witness a complete massacre as Sampson unleashes a fury that's been building up for years. Over and over again he slams the chair down on Schmidty's back, legs, arms, and head. Over and over again. Repeatedly for a solid two minutes until finally he tosses the chair out of the ring and drops to his knees. "This is what I wanted remember? I wanted this, you're right! But YOU started it. I'm just gonna finish it. See you this Sunday BITCH!" And with that, he gets out of his face and leaves the ring. Everybody staring at the bloodied mess left in his wake.

Mr. Dashing

This is just.....wow.....Schmidty can barely move. He was just destroyed by those chair shots. I don't know if he can make it to this Sunday. I don't even think he can make it to next Sunday. Or the Sunday after....this is just insane. And there's no medical staff to check on him.....really? I'll go in there myself if I have to guys.

Johnny walks into his crowd of Security with ATL and Anarchists following him. They walk past BRC who finally break through and run down the ramp to check on Schmidty.

Somebody get some help! Where's the doctor??

Finally the medical team come running down with a stretcher and BRC see to it that Schmidty is taken care of as the scene ends to commercial.


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