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CAW BIO: "The Puppet Master" Tops Newsome & Tia Powley

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CAW BIO: "The Puppet Master" Tops Newsome & Tia Powley

Post by 316topher on Fri Jan 15, 2016 7:05 pm

Real Name : Christopher Newsome

Ring Name : ‘The Puppet Master’ Tops Newsome

Age 29

Born : Leeds, England

1) Coast to Coast
2) Old School

1) No Strings Attached (Sitting Tombstone)
2) ??? (Rebound Clothesline)  - (will think of a name for it)

Allies : Tia Powley accompanies Tops

Titles & Accomplishments :
1x Television Champion

Tops Newsome, is The Puppet Master…  As a young child he would watch puppet shows from all the famous puppeteers. He would learn how to do this as a hobby and would do puppet shows for his niece Tia Powley...
But one day as he was a little older he saw WRESTLING on TV and was hooked, he started travelling around UK to get into a school of wrestling where he could one day perform in front of millions.
Now he has finally got a contract with CMV’s NXT… Where he has taken his childhood memories of being a puppeteer into Wrestling, coming out with a sack over his shoulder and The Puppet Master gimmick to his name.  
Tia watched her uncle train to become a professional wrestler and wanted to follow in his footsteps After a few matches in CMV Unmatched Tia Powley joined Top’s Newsome as a manager/wrestler.

Real Name : Tia Powley

Ring Name : Tia Powley

Age 19

Born : Leeds, England

1) Swanton Bomb
2) Psych Out Rebound Lariat

1) Tia  Drop (619)
2) Powley Plunge (prawn bridging move)

Allies : Tops Newsome accompanies Tia

Titles & Accomplishments : N/A

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