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From Lust To Dust...

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From Lust To Dust...

Post by BatmanBatemanEC3 on Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:08 am

*Unmatched Kicks Off And The Theme Of The Masterpiece Hits The PA System Much To The Pleasure Of The Live Audience Who Erupt With Joy. Marty Microphone In Hand Walks Directly To The Ring With Purpose Not Stopping To Acknowledge Anyone, Unlike The Typical Mannerisms Of The Masterpiece.

Direct Your Eyes, Peel Your Ears And Let Me Talk To Yeah. I'm Sick Of This Obsession. This Agenda That I Despite All I Have Overcome In My Short Tenure Here I Hate This Idea That Marty Michales Is The Underdog. *In Unison The Crowd Begins A Series Of 'No Chants'. Oh Give It Rest Don't Act Like You People Don't Know What I'm Talking About. Reddit, Twitter All I See Is Doubt Concerning My Name.

Charlie Garfield. Chris Adams. Bryan Sanders. Omega Lee. All Them Names Were Thought To Be The Measuring Sticks Of CMV, Facing Off Against Them Gave Everyone An Estimate On Where You Place On The Spectrum. Well As Far As I'm Concerned I'm In Pole Position Because Every Last One Of Them Former World Champions Or Not Received A Much Needed Hostile Makeover Curiosity Of Yours Truly.

Tonight I Go One On One With The Self-Proclaimed " Your Hero And Mine" Well Jack Here's A Quick News Flash You Ain't My Hero. Your A Coward DSD And If Anything You Feel Threatened By Me. Your The Underdog Knowing That Ever Since My Arrival I've Been A Predator For Success. No One Cared For Your Title Win Because The Spotlight Was Fixated On Me Whether It Was Undercard Or Middle Of The Show I Stole The Headlines The Next Morning. And DSD That Is Exactly Why You Took A Cheap Fix When You Low-Blowed And Screwed MF3 Out Of The Title, You Needed Attention Because That's Exactly What You Thrive Upon, Your An Egomaniac. Gate City God? Nah Tonight Your Exposed For The Fraud Of A Prophet You Are, You Want Attention Wish Granted I'll Make Sure Medics Are On Quick Dial, And When The Ref Counts The 3 And Raises My Hand In Victory Here's What Im Going To Do.

You See The Picasso Of Pro Wrestling Need No Crystal Ball To Predict The Future. I'm Going To Climb This Turnbuckle Over Here And Hold Your Championship Over My Shoulder For A Little Still Frame Action.   Cameras Flash All Around The Capacity Crowd And That Way DSD The Crowd Can Become Familiar With That Sight. Because Once Inevitably Pin You As Far As I'm Concerned I Get A Front Of The Que Pass To Be Number One Contender. Cherish It, Sleep With It Take It For A Romantic Meal. You Hear That Daniels? The Clock Is Ticking.

*Marty Has A Smug Smile On His Face As He Gestures For The Camera Man To Enter The Ring. " Make Sure You Get My Goodside" Marty Puts Out His Hand For A Handshake And With A Sense Of Hesitation And Confusion He Accepts. Still Holding His Hand Marty's Facial Expression Changes As He Pulls The Man Into The Lust To Dust Driver DSD's Patented Finishing Move* He Rips Off His Shirt And Throws It Ontop Of The Man Who Lay Motionless, Bleeding Heavily From His Skull . Clearly This Is Months Of Frustration Being Let Out By Marty, Who Retreats Up The Ramp With Anger, As Doctors Clearly Concerned Rush Past Him And Down To Ringside.


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