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You're not a hero

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You're not a hero

Post by Decided Villain on Sun Apr 08, 2018 5:29 pm

CMV UnMatched Card Ep. 79 (#340)

Right after the main event, Sunshine heads to the outside to grab a microphone. He enters the ring again and looks to the crowd. Twirling the mic in one hand while holding the CMV Global Championship in the other. The crowd begins to sing 'Here comes the sun' but only to be cut off by Sunshine who begins to speak.

Sunshine : Last night I finally ended the saga of the rat and now I find myself in a position where I must wait for a new opponent. A new face to put on a mantle, on a wall, with a tag that says, defeatedddddd. This all started when I set out to prove that I am still the man with the broken smile, the man who would attack, attack and attack anything thats in his way to the top... Originally thissss wasn't for me. This was for someone else. But now that I've made it. Now that I am on top, I don't have anything left to prove. There is no one left to prove anything too... no one except one.

Sunshine looks down, contemplating what he's about to say. Once he looks up he has anger in his eyes.

Sunshine : D'Angelo St. Daniels... on paper we may be 2-2, we may be equal, BUT WE ARE FAR FROM IT! I am the REAL champion on this brand. I am THE champion on this brand. The way you carry yourself, the way you prance around with that title makes me SICK. Why does it make me sick!? Let me tell you hahahhaaAHahhaaha You try and try but you never hold on too long do you. Me? I not only known for being one of the MOST prestigious people to step foot in a ring, BUT I am known for hold golllllllddd for a veryyyy longggg timmmme. You though. You're the opposite. DSD, you're nothing but a defenseless shell of a man who is lost and scarred to be forgotten. You were so desperate for attention you managed to challenge a washed up has been made of muscle to beat up. You strive for attention. You have a hunger for it. Every time no ones talking about you, you go and you rant, you talk and talk but SHOW NOTHING... I hate you DSD, I hate you more then anyone else in this business for your pride and your greed and I have proved to you that you are a shell to everyone here and yourself when I beat Maurice Fisher in the Main Event tonight. I'm proved to everyone that you're just a scared human being when I jusssst beat him without having to resort to desperate measures.

Sunshine then faces the stage.

Sunshine : SO PLEASE, please come out here and say what you need to say, gain some attention, use it, drain it for everything you need. But just know that when you're in the ring with me... You're not a hero. You're a loser... And you're mine...

Sunshine drops the microphone awaiting DSD

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Re: You're not a hero

Post by Childish Meltzer on Wed Apr 18, 2018 5:08 am

The theme of the current three time CMV World Champion hits the PA System, a plethora of boo's fall from the rafters as the crowd show their disdain towards D'Angelo St. Daniels. Sunshine drops his microphone knowing full well he's said everything he need's to say. Sunshine and the crowd along with him remain fixated on the stage while D'Angelo St. Daniels' theme blares throughout the arena as time goes by all of whom being made to wait by the CMV World Champion. Finally, after what seems like a lifetime of anticipation, D'Angelo St. Daniels makes his way through the curtain, the belt resting on his shoulder and a microphone held in his free hand. D'Angelo takes a look around the arena, darting a glare the way of the crowd. He stands at the top of the ramp looking down at Sunshine, he lifts the belt off of his shoulder and extends it high in the air, and as he does, he raises the microphone to his mouth

We’ve seen many faces of Sunshine… much like a play. We’ve seen him try and put himself into different roles and parts… but now finally he’s put himself into a part that not even I can believe. All of a sudden, Sunshine is "the MAN". When the HELL did that happen? Hm?I'm so sick of hypocritical frauds trying to position themselves as the flag bearer of the brand. When I hold the one thing that solidifies my reign of supremacy.

Following this, DSD lowers the belt back onto his shoulder and proceeds to make his way down the ramp, passing by the booing fans in the front row before ascending the steel steps and eventually entering the ring where he stands face to face with Sunshine, World Champion, Global Champion, in the ring alone. The feeling of the air is that of pure intensity, as Sunshine and D'Angelo St. Daniels staredown for a solid 30 seconds both of whom refusing to budge, until finally DSD breaks the ice, popping a quick smirk as he rolls his eyes, turning away from Sunshine where he looks to once again address the people in the arena and the man in the ring before him.

I’ve beaten everyone put in front of me. I’ve handled every challenge that has been handed out to me up to this point. I’ve gone the distance in a grueling yet decisive iron man match that nobody wants to talk about for some strange reason. I’ve shined through shadow dwelling figures…  out lasted not one, not two, not three, not four… but five guys that were the "best" this brand currently has to offer in the elimination chamber… I out classed a ranked amateur punk named MF3… I forced my only real "threat" by sending him packing with his dumb briefcase so I want to make one thing… very… very clear. This isn’t about everyone coming for a shot at D'Angelo St. Daniels… oh, no, no, no. It’s about me seeking THEM out.… all of you in the wrestling world… you’re not hunting me.

I’ve had to crush the dreams of wrestlers as they stepped to me to start a legacy off my name I had to turn them away. I don’t need your battle scars, because I have the damn battle trophies. I don’t need the experience in wars, because I’ve already gotten the spoils.. I guarantee you I have the emotional scars that you have. I’m looking across the ring at someone who has went through way more than I have, but our worlds have been vastly different, Sunshine. Your world has been filled with trying to find yourself in these… wicked and devious matches. You’ve been through it all. You’ve bled. You’ve clawed and you pride yourself on your ONE and only pinfall over me what do you have to show for it? Not shit. Just a forgettable reign as the number two champion? Bravo Sunshine you made an accomplishment on this show without Kristen Page having you on a leash as if you're a pitbull... Did I just mention Kristen? Yeah? You know, you’re former other? She wanted to looked at by an EQUAL by me… and that’s not what I get from you. I get someone who is looking for another shot in the dark. I get someone who is trying to land a 1 in a million haymaker that will knock down the champion… and that’s what I pathetic when all of a sudden, You're saying to be "the MAN". When the HELL did that happen? Hm? You’re a fraud and a deceiver to stand out here trying to convince yourself and this crowd we're on the same level, let alone "the man" because you know you can’t measure up. You know you can’t go chest to chest with me, nose to nose because you know I’ll smile and you can’t return it and you’ll look down at the ground with your tail tucked like the submissive dog that you are that has been hit one too many times.

You need to look in the mirror and say to yourself that you just don’t have what it takes to be great. That you don’t have what it takes to be a top guy, that you don’t have what it takes to be THE Champion. If I have to take your limp body and drag it over to a broken mirror and FORCE yourself to look in the mirror and say that, I will… because I’m tired. I’m tired of people like you thinking they have a plucky punchers chance against me. It’s insulting.

With or without this championship I will continue to trek forward until every goddamn person KNOW that I am the man.
Not "think". K N O W. If I have to do this for two years I will. Three years? Done. Four years? Try me. I won’t stop until I outlast every single wrestler who thinks they’ve established the best legacy here… because I will erase it. One by one. Win by win. Week by week. I WILL PROVE IT, I WANT TO PROVE! I start by cutting out the slack in having TWO world champions when there is only need for ONE!

I am the gold standard. I am the main event. Because while people were taking breaks in and coming back… GUESS who has BEEN here the entire time? I HAVE. When people have been whining and crying about title shots and blaming management, guess who has been earning their way to the top? I HAVE... who has name recognition and accolades to prove themselves as a sure fire main eventer? I HAVE! One loss doesn’t define me just like one win doesn’t define me. This is MY company... This is MY brand… and I promise it to prove it to any who wants to step… win or lose tonight… win or lose next week… win or lose by the end of the year… I’ll be the guy this company needs me to be… because the rest of you fuckers have dropped the ball one too many times.

The crowd leaps to their feet in excitement for the challenge just made by D'Angelo St. Daniels. A Unification match for the ages, all the eyes in the arena are on Sunshine, what will he do? He looks at his belt, then towards DSD and simply raises his CMV Global Championship into the air for which the crowd lets out a huge ovation. D'Angelo St. Daniels follows suit raising his belt up for the crowd to see essentially confirming our Unification Champion Vs Champion match at Takeover. After a brief staredown, the two talk between themselves off mic, perhaps a verbal agreement to the bout. Following the short conversation, Sunshine pushes past D'Angelo St. Daniels, who reacts the only way he knows how. He walks up behind Sunshine with the belt held into the air, and SMACKS him in the back of the head with it, dropping the Global Champion to the mat leaving DSD standing tall as his theme once again hits the PA System.


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