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Another for the list

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Another for the list

Post by Miztacular on Thu Apr 05, 2018 12:45 am

CMVWrestling.Com Exclusive!

We're taken backstage to General Manager, Laura Sampson's office, where she sits in her chair behind her desk, Riley Dixon by her side. As the camera pans around we see the former CMV Women's Tag Team Champions Casey Wilson and Jane Lucid sitting in chairs opposite Sampson, with the muscle of The Establishment, Raiden Brooks and Brianna Violence standing behind them. Laura Sampson slams her hands down on the desk as she begins to talk.

Laura Sampson:

How dare you! Casey! Jane! I had faith in the two of you! You were Tag Team Champions for a reason! I gave you that Contenders match in hopes that you would deliver a beating to Fury and Cassie Maverick! Casey! What has happened to you! You were Queen of the Ring! You've already beaten BOTH of them! You should have done it again! Casey, you have let me down greatly and I cannot let this stand without punishment.

Jane Lucid:
It wasn't her fault!

Sampson turns to Lucid who has since leapt out of her seat and stares at her with a cold, dark expression.

Laura Sampson:
Sit.... Down...

Casey grabs Lucid by the arm and pulls her down back to her seat.

Jane Lucid:

I'm sor--

Laura Sampson:
QUIET! You should be fired for talking out of turn to me! But I won't do that, despite popular belief I am reasonable. The two of you won't be fired, but let me tell you what will happen. The two of you will be punished. You see the people behind you right now are looking for somebody else to lay a beating on. It would have been Fury and Cassie had you done your jobs and removed them from the Title picture. They need somebody to destroy, and those somebodies will be the two of you.

Lucid turns to Wilson with an apologetic look of guilt on her face.

Casey Wilson:
It's not you--

Laura Sampson:

Casey turns to Sampson and darts her a glare.

Laura Sampson:

I'm not afraid of you Casey so stare all you like, show me your mean mug, because it's not me who has to deal with you. It's the duo behind you to whom you'll meet your maker next Sunday at Rage in a Cage. This was going to be a one off punishment. You know, a loss can happen to anyone on any day. It happens in this business. But the way the two of you have acted in here today, the cheek, the disrespect of talking out of turn. Well the two of you are now on my hit-list, along with all the others who have disrespected me, and just like the others you can consider your careers done.

Now get out of my office.

A tear drops down the cheek of Lucid as she stares like a puppy towards the ever imposing General Manager. Seemingly frozen in place. Wilson grabs her by the shoulder, helping her up to her feet. The duo begin to make their way towards the door and as they leave, Casey Wilson diverts her eyes at both Raiden Brooks and Brianna Violence before leaving the room, the door slamming shut behind them.

Back in the office, Sampson sits back down at her desk and begins to address the other three.

Laura Sampson:

As you all know, there isn't much time left until I'll be having to take time off for maternity leave. Rage in a Cage will be my last date until I leave for a few short months. But don't worry, this show will be not be left astray. Until I return after iMPLOSION. My brother, Brody will take the reigns of the show and he has assured me he will take care of The Establishments best interests. So you all have nothing to fear. Raiden, Brianna, put down those pitiful former Champions next Sunday at Rage in a Cage. Do whatever you need to do, put one out of commission I don't care, and Riley. You have perhaps the hardest test of your career to date next Sunday. Remember what happens when you win, you'll get your first Title shot, but you have to take this seriously! You have to be on your A game! No more slip ups like the match against Ally. Dynamite may be out her depth, but she is still among the best this Division has to offer. She's barely lost on Pay Per View, much less twice in a row. Make sure the three of you get this done, for after Rage in a Cage I will not see you for three, four months and we cannot let this movement slow down when we are so close to reaching the apex. You know what to do... Now.. Until Rage in a Cage, I have a show to run.

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Re: Another for the list

Post by PREDICTION KING on Thu Apr 05, 2018 11:24 am

This was great


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