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Russian Celebration

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Russian Celebration

Post by HellishxHades on Wed Apr 04, 2018 1:26 pm

As Ferocity returns from commercial break, the cmv universe is treated to new Womens Intercontinental Champion, Angelina Hawkins, makes her way down to the ring, which is decked out with Russian decorations. As she enters the ring, she grabs a microphone.

Angelina Hawkins:
Лиз мои клитовые суки. Я снова являюсь вашим межконтинентальным чемпионом среди женщин. Я сделал эту маленькую шлюху Эми Уинтерс моей сукой.

Sorry. I forgot you Americans are to lazy to learn language that isn't your own. You all are sloths. You see unlike all of you, the great people of Russia are superior, that is why I wasn't here last week. I was in Moscow, visiting the greatest leader in the world. No, not Trump. Vladimir Putin. The people of Russia had a celebration for me. They throw a parade in my honor. I was given the key to Moscow. They treat me better than anyone here in the United States.

The crowd is booing and chanting USA at the foriegner that was smiling in the center of the ring.

You can boo me all you want, but you know what will occur. I will be Champion for as long as I like. And I feel like walking into implosion as Champion.

Russian music started to play, as the celebration started.

[Open to davina blair, or cuts to next backstage segment.]

Crowe - Anarchy Championship. /  Fusion Tag Team Championship (The Anarchists)
Tyler Endicot - Rising Star Championship
Joe Dirte - NGW Tag Team Championship (The Kingdom) / CMV Tag Team Championship (The Kingdom)
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Tyson Cage - Fusion Tag Team Championship (The Bickering Duo)
Angelina Hawkins - Women's Intercontinental Championship 2x
Caleb Reed: Fusion Tag Team Championship (The Anarchists)
Jon Reed: Anarchy Championship
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