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Not interested in fairy tales

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Not interested in fairy tales

Post by 316topher on Sat Mar 31, 2018 9:38 am

Top’s is backstage preparing for his match later tonight.

Lisa : Lisa Evans here and I’m backstage with Mr Money in the Bank himself, “The Puppet Master” Tops Newsome….. Top’s  we are moments away from the biggest match of your  entire life where you go 1 on 1 with CMV World Champion DSD and in his story……

Tops : Stories are just stories, he can call himself the hero, a villain, a monster, a warrior, a god guy, a bad guy, it doesn’t matter to me, his story is all in his head, what I care about is walking into No Remorse  Mr Money in the Bank and walking out also as the new CMV World Heavyweight Champion, something I’ve never held in CMV while lesser undeserved so called superstars get handed championships and it makes me sick, especially when I’ve beaten them all, but year after year I get over looked, they say what can we do with Top’s, when I debuted I was red hot…. I defeated the unbeatable Justin Sane , people loved me, I was defeating every former TV Champion put in my sight, Then the Royal Rumble came and I was eliminated by someone who should have never even been on the roster, an outsider… But I didn’t let that stop me….I bounced back and won my 1st Television title and what did they do, a few days later, with no time to prepare  I had to defend against a mystery opponent, sure no problem right, could be anyone…… Dave Skylark returned and I put him down and out….. So what did they do put me against another mystery opponent the following month, This time against Mugen…..
This is how I’ve been treated in CMV my back against the wall, but I keep on fighting, I clawed my way back up the ladder and reclaimed what was once mine…. Only for a damn clown to steal it from me, Not only did he take that away from me but he interfered in what would have been an historic night at UnChained, to this day I should be the CMV World Heavyweight Champion,  DSD you’re on buried time and when it’s all said and done there’s nothing you or anyone can do about it so while you’re living your fairytale story, I’ll be the one bringing you back to reality ……believe  me when I say I ain’t loosing my career…… NO STRINGS ATTACHED!!!!

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