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No Show

Post by HardlineOyster on Thu Mar 29, 2018 9:10 pm

CMV No Remorse kicks off with the theme of Aldrich, but the only person who appears out from behind the curtain is his agent Freeman. The old rich man makes his way inside the ring, motioning for a mic.

Ladies and Gentlemen of this horrible city that resides in this horrible state, pay your upmost respect to me, Mr. Freeman.

The crowd boo the disrespectful old man not gonna give a damn what he says

Is that how you respect your elders, you little shits? Whatever it doesn't matter, what matters is the fact that my friend, my client Aldrich Alexander is not here tonight. The reason he is not here, is because when he found out that he won't have his very first pay per view match here at No Remorse, he refused to show up. Here's something that management needs to know about Aldrich. If that man doesn't have a match, he will not show up to that event, if he can't kick someone's ass, he won't show up. And the fact that Aldrich won't have his very first pay per view match tonight, just makes him even more angry. Aldrich was the biggest free agent in all of France, and he is hoping that this company will use him to the best of their abilities. Believe it or not, Aldrich is the next sports attraction, he is the next money maker, he is The Next Big Thing. There's not a force in this world that can beat and put down my client. Even the guys over at the other side of CMV, X-Gen, Kliq, Azreal, Ryan Kent, Bison, Chris Andrews, Guri, Dave Turner, Paul Anderson, even Daemion. Actually if Daemion or any of the names I just mentioned ever enters this ring with Aldrich, they will just become Aldrich's bitch. So everyone can take this little talk as a warning, and the veterans here, and over on Fusion and Genesis? Well let's just say if Aldrich gets his hands on them, they'll be hitting the retirement list sooner than expected.

Freeman drops the mic pipebomb style, and exits to the back


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