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CAW BIO: Jacob Ziegler

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CAW BIO: Jacob Ziegler

Post by C9 Alveuss on Mon Jan 11, 2016 7:32 am

Personal info
Real name: Jacob Ziegler
Age: 22
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 212 lbs
Hometown: Glasgow, Scotland
Resides: Vancouver, Canada
Culture: Scottish, Irish, Canadian
Personality: Aggressive, Bold, Cocky, Prideful

Name: Jacob Ziegler
Nicknames: Ziegler, The Scottish-Born Superstar, Mr. Money in the Bank, The Man of Tomorrow
Theme: Nightwish - Last of the wilds
Signature Moves: Moonsault, Bucklebomb, Knee Trembler & Claymore
Finishing Moves: Pedigree & Crossface
Status: Heel
Tag Partner: Shane Scott
Allies: Quinn-Belle, Shane Scott
Enemies: Paul Divine, Schmidty, BMI

2x CMV Anarchy Champion
1x Money in the Bank
2017 Newcomer of the Year

Jacob Ziegler has always been athletic. He excelled in school at seemingly all sports he took part in, none more so than football (soccer). On top of the natural ability, he has always been determined to be the best, winning multiple awards through his school years.

Upon leaving school, Jacob had multiple opportunities as to what to do next. Of course he chose what he was best at, football. Playing for his local team, Jacob quickly made a name for himself and was signed to play for Chelsea FC. Unfortunately however, he was quickly injured and forced to sit on the sidelines for months. During that time, Jacob met his soon to be girlfriend and the two hit it off before she went home to Canada, where she's from. Wanting to be with her, Jacob cut his footballing career short and moved to Vancouver at the age of 21.

As luck would have it, a few weeks into his time in Canada, Jacob met former professional wrestler, Chris Jericho. Jericho was a fan of the former footballer and Jacob has always been a fan of wrestling as well as Jericho's music so the two became good friends, going to wrestling events together and, eventually, training together. Not long after, Ziegler had a wrestling tryout which some important people saw and soon after, Ziegler arrived in CMV.

Over the course of Ziegler's time in CMV he's talked a lot of shit. Whether he started the promo or simply replied to one, here's all the past promos that he has played a role in. (Only promos that I have a written part in.)

Ziegler Speaks
Right Back At Ya
T & Lee Broadcast #5 | 101 The Border
Boiling Over
The Empty Barrel
Do A Barrel Roll
2 Out Of 3 Falls Aftermath
Z & Glee Broadcast #∞ | The Spoof
The Twisted Tale of Tim LaFave
Small Plastic Case
Absolution 2018 Royal Rumble
The Z in Prestige
L'amour est ne a Paris
By the Books
The Prodigy
A Special Guest
The Fourth Fall
Oh I'm still here
Elimination Chamber
One Too Many
Worst Kept Secret
Two Short and Curlies
You Deserve It
Not Selling Out, Buying In
Addressing the Rut
Ascendance: Money in the Bank
Bank Robbery
Pride & Filth :: Ziegler & Scott
Bad Men Doing Bad Things
CMV Exclusive: Fusion #98 Kick Off
The Man of Tomorrow

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Jacob Ziegler - 2x Anarchy Champion, 1x Mr Money in the Bank, 1x BFF of Shane Scott, 2017 Newcomer of the Year
Rubik - 1x Light Heavyweight Champion
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Main Event Star!

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