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Post by Guest on Sun Jan 10, 2016 8:36 am

Name: SMJ

Real name: Sam McNicholas

Billed Height: 6'4

Billed Weight: 230lbs

Signature Moves: Strike and Kick Combination. Running Super Kick

Finishers: Double foot stomp from the top rope. Roundhouse Kick.

Hometown: Bourenmouth, England

Resides: Miami, Florida

Personality: Very arrogant and egotistical but for a reason. He can back it up in the ring. He will betray his teammates in a heartbeat if it means getting to a bigger prize.

Fighting Style: Technician. Especially when it comes to using his feet. He is very well versed in this particular category. He also has some springboard and top rope assaults in his arsenal.

Background: SMJ has wreaked for several small wrestling promotions in the UK. He has moved around a lot. Wherever he goes people have said that he won't make it, because of the way he looks and wrestles, however, he has proven the doubters wrong every single time. He has scratched and clawed his way up the ladder, hoping to make it to the top. That is where he came across the big leagues, the CMV.


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