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One becomes Two

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One becomes Two

Post by Miztacular on Fri Mar 23, 2018 2:44 pm

The Kingdom rise to their feet in celebration for becoming the Number One Contenders to the CMV Tag Team Championships once again! After beating Street Gods by countout! Curtis Heist steps down from the apron to speak to Anthony Brown who unfortunately couldn't make it to the ring in time. However, what nobody in the arena has yet realised, are the bodies walking through the crowd towards the ring! Syndicate! Chet, Aaron, Cody! All three of them marching through the crowd, weapons in their hands as they leap over the barricade, pushing past Street Gods on their way to the ring! The Kingdom notice and take formation, standing back to back as Syndicate climb onto three different sides of the ring, Chet with his bat. Aaron with a Sledgehammer and Cody rocking a kendo stick. As they begin to enter the ring, The Kingdom disperse, Joe Dirte takes it to Waite while Max Rider rushes after Cody, leaving Chet Taylor with free reign to go after whoever he wants, he looks at Waite, remembering the argument they'd had earlier in the month and rolls his eyes, turning his attention to Cody and Rider, Chet comes up from behind smacking Rider in the back of the head with the baseball bat! Grounding him on the mat. He stares over the downed Rider while Cody gets back to his feet, rushing across the ring to the aid of Waite, cracking a kendo stick across the back of Joe Dirte which sends him falling to his knees. Cody, sensing the opportunity raises the kendo stick up into the air again, bringing it crashing down upon the head of Joe Dirte which sends his head on a collision course with the mat as he faceplants the canvas.

Cody walks over to Waite and pulls him to his feet, the three men of Syndicate stand tall in the ring only to notice Max Rider slowly making it to his feet in the far corner. Cody immediately turns to run at him only to get caught by a big boot! But unfortunately for The Kingdom, that was all the offence he could muster before he gets swarmed by Waite and Chet unloading lethal blows with both the baseball bat and the sledgehammer. Dropping shot after shot until Max Rider falls motionless to the canvas. Chet Taylor looks around the ring, taking a moment to savor the damage he and his group of miscreants have done. They unstrap the Tag Team Championships and raise them high into the air, shaking their heads in pity at their so called challengers for this Sunday who lie out cold in the center of the ring. However, before anything more can happen the theme of the interim UnMatched General Manager Johnny Sampson hits the PA System.

Chet Taylor rolls his eyes as he turns to face the ramp watching closely as Johnny Sampson makes his way out from the back a microphone in hand at the ready, he comes to a stop at the top of the ramp where he takes a moment to digest the carnage that has just unfolded in the center of the ring before raising the microphone to his mouth.

Johnny Sampson:

HOW DARE YOU! Do you realise how much I have on my plate at the moment! Dealing with all the crap that goes on, on both of these brands I'm running! Look at the three of you, so smug, so happy with yourselves. I see the pleasure on your face Chet and I will not let it stand! When I became the Interim General Manager of UnMatched I made it very clear that I was not going to allow the same crap that Matthews and Sullivan allowed before me last season. I'm not going to start up another personal vendetta like the one I've currently gotten myself into with Schmidty! I won't play your games Chet. But, I most certainly won't let you get away with this! Coming out here like you own the place, attacking your opposition as to secure yourself an EASY defence this Sunday! Look at them! They're probably concussed, they're in no position to compete this Sunday, much less a Championship match! But you knew that right?

Well, let me take a moment out of my day to throw a wrench in your plans! There is another team out there ringside right now, who have a win over you, and well. While I normally wouldn't do this, I simply will not stand by and allow you to coast through a defence by injuring your opponents, so let me announce right here, right now. That this Sunday. Street Gods WILL be performing double duty. They'll be compensated as such. But don't get it twisted. The Kingdom are losing nothing here because they will get their CMV Tag Team Championship match on the fallout!

So, you see what you've done Chet! What seemed like an easy way out, just turned one defence into TWO DEFENCES! Maybe next time you'll think before you make stupid career choices! Now enough of this, I have more important things to attend to than involving myself in petty feuds!

In pure frustration, Johnny Sampson throws the microphone to the floor and storms off to the back, leaving Syndicate in the ring, they turn their attention to Street Gods ringside, looking down on them red in the face fuelled by anger as the segment comes to a close.

Matthew wrote: Hayden is so much better than Schmidty in every way.

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