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Real Guy? More Like Legitimate Coward

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Real Guy? More Like Legitimate Coward

Post by BatmanBatemanEC3 on Wed Mar 21, 2018 3:56 pm

Unmatched Kicks Off To The Theme Of The Self-Proclaimed Masterpiece Hitting The PA System To A Huge Reception From The Capacity Crowd. Following A Tough Loss To 10EL After A Chris Adams Distraction, Michales Makes His Way To The Ring In Very Untypical Fashion Seemingly More Focused And Fixated. Nevertheless The Crowd Is Large In Voice As Michales Sits On the Turn-Buckle Waiting For the Crowd To Quiet Before Taking A Mic from Ringside, Sitting Centre Of The Ring With His Legs Crossed Ready To Address The CMV Universe.*

You Just Can't Let It Go Can You, Maybe Taking The Sole Of My Boot And Busting You Open Wasn't Enough ...You Cant Accept The Fact That You Reached Your Peak A Year Ago. Actually I Think You Can, Deep Down Adams You Know That You Will Never Be The Man That Walked Into Implosion A Year Ago Again, When JLV Demolished Your Reign That Was Your Last Hurrah And That Is The Sole Reason You Put A Bullseye On My Back. Because This Season A Whole Pack Of New Competitors Hungry For Success, Hungry To Take There Local Heritage And Transfer It Onto A Global Stage Like CMV.

I Was At The Heart Of That Revolution, PJ Moon, Jay Money, Dallas Chandler They All Either Tucked There Tails Between There Legs And Went Home Or Miserably Failed To Amount To Any Relevancy. Marty Michales Was The Break Of The Rytham, I Was The Anomaly, Because Since The Day I Signed My Contract Here I Have Made A Statement. I Was Labelled A Indy Darling ,Many Looked At Me And Thought Id Be More Scared To Break a Nail Than Put Up A Fight, The Authority Back There In Gorilla Were Hesitant To Pull The Trigger From The Get Go Because I Wasnt A Creation Of The CMV Office, I Made My Name Elsewhere And Week After Week I Went Out There With The Agenda Of Proving Everyone Wrong And At Showdown I Finally Thought I Did That, I Finally Thought That I Could Break Free From The Stereotypes And I Did Just That, I Achieved Just That And As A Result Gained The Attention Of Not only CMV Hierarchy , I Gained The Voice Of The People And The Backlash Of That Match Presented Me With The Chance To Enter The 6 Pick Challenge To See Who Enters 30 In The Fourth-Coming Royal Rumble Match .

You Made Me A Target Adams Because You See Much Of Me In Yourself, You Went Through The Exact Same Process Of Trying To Establish Yourself As Legitimate To Prove That Under The Surface There Was More To You Than A Frat Boy Lifestyle, Except You Know That Iam That Much Better Than You Ever Were, Even In Your Prime You Couldnt Light A Candle And That Fact Eats You Alive Hence The Reason You Made A B-Line For Me The Day I Rocked Up. You See Yourself As The Alpha Male Of CMV, You Proclaim Yourself To Be The 'Real Guy'. But You Saw Me And Your Manly-hood Was Threatened I Always Thought Real Men Got Pussy Not Act Like One.

You Want My Attention So Badly, You Krave the Relevancy That Oozes Out Of Me, Then You Got It, Here I Present You With That Spotlight You Desire And Here Live And In High Definition Im Calling You Out Because I Know, You Know Despite Your Defiance To Admit It That You Cannot Beat the Masterpiece One On One Without Controversy. Name a Time, Name A Place, The Hot Mess Express Is A 24/7 Service No Showing Like You Did Tonight Isnt In My DNA, And Wherever That Place, Whenever That Time Occur Adams For The 2nd Time In A Matter Of Weeks I Will Expose You For The Fraud You, Wipe That Pepe The Frog Smile From Upon Your Face Are And Bring You Global Humility AGAIN. They Wont Know You As A Future Hall Of Famer No More Adams You Will Forever Be Known As Marty Michales's BITCH!

(Open To Haydn)


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