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The REAL DEAL of Ferocity Has Arrived ...

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The REAL DEAL of Ferocity Has Arrived ...

Post by Mr. Dashing on Thu Mar 15, 2018 1:06 am

Deep into the latest edition of Ferocity, the fans in the arena have their attention brought to the big screen as a logo stating the following as, "Explicit Content", flashes momentarily before we see the shrouded face of a previously unseen women, sat in a chair, hood covering most of her features, but we can see that under her right eye is a tattoo, and she's smirking. Then, the following footage begins to roll, splicing in between it and this mystery female speaking in a firm and assertive tone.

For the first twelve years of my life, I always heard that I hit like a girl. That I was WEAK and couldn't fight, because I was a girl ... So I took it upon myself to do something about that, I took my first BJJ class at the age of thirteen, and for the past ten years I have proved that I DO NOT need to hit like a girl, because I train like a girl, to TAP people out! And here I am today, with an MMA record of 11-0, ALL wins by submission. When I take you down, you either submit to me, or I break your bones, it truly is as simple as that. NOBODY, has been able to even touch me, I DOMINATED the MMA game, I made it my BITCH, and now I'm gonna do the same to CMV and all the little girls running around thinking their some tough shit! The game is about to change here on Ferocity, because The REAL DEAL has arrived, Shaw Barrett, is ready to conquer a new landscape, and ain't nobody gonna stand in my way to the top, because if they do ... They will TAP-OUT ... Or I will leave them wishing that they had! Get ready for some Explicit Content ...

Shaw laughs menacingly for a moment and then smacks the camera away from her face ...

The feed cuts out and the cameras swing around to ole Mr. Gnashtastic who's trying to piece together what we all just witnessed ...

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