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Revenge Worth Waiting For

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Revenge Worth Waiting For

Post by HellishxHades on Thu Mar 15, 2018 12:38 am

As Ferocity returns from commercial break, we find Angelina Hawkins with Jon Reed arm wrapped around her. Walking toward her championship match with Amy Winters, she and Jon are stopped by Lisa Evans who is looking for an exclusive scoop from the Russian Empress, now the Deadly Sin Sloth,

Lisa Evans:
Angelina, can I get some quick questions in before your championship match tonight with Amy Winters.

Angelina Hawkins looks at Jon and turn back towards Lisa with a smile across her face.

Angelina, your are facing the women that took your Intercontential Championship away from you, how does it feel to be in a match that you have the clear advantage in?

Angelina Hawkins:
Lisa, how do you say, revenge is a dish served cold. You see Lisa, I have been waiting month to get my revenge, I took my time, I made sure that when I came back to strike it would be the perfect time. You see this is why I am the Sin of Sloth, I can wait, I can stand back and let my head be clear before I go in. I am not thick headed as those like Ally Cage, Amy Winters and others that goes in guns a blazing, no I sit back and stratigize my way back into the title picture.

And as far as this match being a this match being a submission match, I got something to tell Ms. Winters. Эми Уинтерс, я собираюсь заставить тебя постучать, как маленькая крошечная шлюха, и я собираюсь сделать тебя своей маленькой сукой, ничего, что ты можешь сделать, это изменить тот факт, что ты станешь последней жертвой 7 смертных грехов. Я сделаю тебя своей сукой снова и снова и снова, пока ты не назовешь меня госпожой.

Lisa looks over at Jon who was standing there arm still wrapped around Angelina.

Jon Reed:
She said she gonna make Winters, her bitch.

Lisa looks confuse seeing Jon and Angelina walk to the Gorilla Position, as Angelina prepares to enter alone leaving Jon in Gorilla.

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