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The Twenty Seventh Second

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The Twenty Seventh Second

Post by Red Chocolate on Wed Mar 14, 2018 12:07 pm

When Genesis returns from a commercial break, Brulé is already in the ring. They waste no time getting down to business the moment the noise dies down.

ANGEL: So let's address the elephant in the room.

ZAIRE: Our so-called loss to the Kliq.

ANGEL: We watched the footage six times.

ZAIRE: YOU watched it six times, man. You think I got nothing better to do?

ANGEL: Which means that you missed something crucial between the fifth and sixth viewings: the fact that we had that match won long before I tapped out.

ZAIRE: Missed it? We realized that on the second watch.

ANGEL: Semantics. The point is that we realized there came a point early on in the match where we had Randy Borton dead to rights.

ZAIRE: My main man Brett here had Borton pinned for, and we counted it: TWENTY-SEVEN seconds.

ANGEL: Twenty. Seven. Seconds. Can you believe that?

ZAIRE: Believe it? I lived through it.

ZAIRE: We suffered through it.

ANGEL: And the reason why we weren't here two weeks ago wasn't because we were on strike or anything of the sort, we just needed some time to crunch the numbers. And we came to the conclusion that me pinning Randy Borton for twenty seven seconds is the equivalent of beating him NINE times.

ZAIRE: Quick maths!

Angel turns and gives Zaire a look.

ANGEL: So it looks like I finally avenged my singles loss to him, and them some.

ZAIRE: And in a world where tweedledee...


ZAIRE: And tweedledum...

ANGEL: Who?!

CROWD: Cares!

ZAIRE: Can play hot potato with the world title over a referee's mistake, then I think it's only fair that we be compensated for the ending of our streak.

ANGEL: That's twenty four seconds wasted because the referee was "hurt," but I think it was revenge for the time I chop-blocked him by MISTAKE.

ZAIRE: It's karma man, I warned you about that ish.

ANGEL: Do you know the things I could have done with those twenty four seconds? I could have tied my shoelaces.

ZAIRE: Done!

ANGEL: I could have signed SIX autographs.

ZAIRE: Done!

ANGEL: I could have paralleled parked.

ZAIRE: Done!

ANGEL: So I believe that it's time to make it official that we are taking it upon ourselves to reverse the referee's decision and declare ourselves six and zero.

ZAIRE: Not only that, but tonight, when me and my NEW best friend Ortiz, win those tag team championships, we can officially right that wrong.

Angel sheepishly rubs the back of his own head with his free palm.

ANGEL: Hey, I, uh, I actually wanted to talk to you about that match last week.

ZAIRE: Think about it this way: with you not there we don't have to worry about any refs holding a grudge.

ANGEL:True, true, not only that but you finally get your revenge against Slate while I get the night off and a sweet paycheck for doing nothing.

ZAIRE: And the cherry on top is that these people finally get to enjoy a Genesis where Kliq isn't holding that title hostage.

ANGEL: Those tag team championships are really all that they have when you think about it.

ZAIRE: I'd almost feel sorry for them if the thought of winning didn't feel so damn good. I'm telling you, Big O and I...

ANGEL: Don't call him that.

ZAIRE: ...already came up with a book full of strats, and one of them is guaranteed to work. Borto End? Slayed by Slate? Forget about it. We have at least five counters for each, and then counters to those counters if they wanna try any funny business.

ANGEL: I feel a little sorry for them..

Angel sighs deeply then rests his forearms onto the top rope.

ZAIRE: Brett?

ANGEL: Those titles are the glue that holds them together. They can't win any other title...tonight you and Big...Regular-Size O are gonna take all they have left. And I'll be indirectly responsible because of my inspirational presence. Is this a weight were ready to carry? A burden we're willing to bear? To be the catalyst that sparked the implosion of one of the most...recent factions in CMV history. Are we ready to have those destroyed careers on our conscience? Or that blood on our hands?

ZAIRE: Where's all this coming from, man? Four and a half minutes ago you hated them.

ANGEL: As the minutes go by their impending doom inches closer and I...I just need time to process this.

Angel dramatically exits the ring to the amusement of the crowd, and Zaire watches with an amused look on his face as Angel heads to the back.

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Re: The Twenty Seventh Second

Post by Red Chocolate on Fri Mar 16, 2018 11:25 am

Just before the tag team championship match is scheduled to go underway, the crowd pops big when Scott and Angel make their way out from the back. They each take a seat on either side of Dashing at the commentary table, Angel making sure to kiss Dashing on the top of the head as he walks by. Scott places a half-can of spaghetti-o's next to Dashing, pats him on the back and says, "no need to thank me."

It's only then tragedy strikes: there's only one spare headset available but two of them here to co-(co-)commentate. They take a seat and Dashing tries to get some banter going as the teams make their entrance, but Scott and Angel instead take to twitter to engage with the social media crowd.

We're just here to make sure there's no funny business with Slate's boogers or the ref "forgetting" how to count.

That's right, we don't need another #twentysevensecond travesty.

Angel's hashtag picks up steam on twitter until it's trending worldwide for the rest of the show.

In #twentysevenseconds I could make a mean peanutbutter sandwich AND cut the crust off.

Takes about that long to pick the pineapple off the pizza my wife orders. #twentysevenseconds

My boy Slate still had time to spare after ending Pierre's carrer. #twentysevenseconds

Gotta love those #twentysevenseconds of ad runtime on youtube when all I wanna do is watch a three second clip

It's been about #twentysecondseconds and he still hasn't noticed...

Fan footage from the front row shows that it's indeed true that Dashing is so caught up in commentating the match that he hasn't noticed Angel holding his hand. Eventually there's a lull, Dashing jerks his arm away from Angel with such force that he knocks over the water all over Scott's lap.

Scott jumps out of his seat and tries to wipe away as much water as he could. He places an arm over Angel's shoulder who came to his aid, and Angel assists him out of the arena as though Scott were injured. Scott can be heard saying "these were brand new" just before they get out of earshot.

The camera switches focus to the small pool of water and lingers there for twenty seven seconds before the footage ends.

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