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BRC vs Ballers

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BRC vs Ballers

Post by KrisSully on Tue Mar 13, 2018 6:43 pm

-Immediately before the opening package for Reality Wrasslin-
-The titantron plays a message from the BRC-

Sully: Hello CMV. You know us by now. Flashyy, Fury, and Sully.

Fury: So we learned on Fusion we'll be facing The Ballers in a Six Man Ladder Match at Regicide.

Flashyy: Which means, they can't run...

Sully: It'll be 3 v 3...

Fury: And there's no way we'll be going home empty handed...

Flashyy: Diamond would have you think that we can't win. He would have you think that we can't hang...

Fury: He's wrong. He knows we can beat him. He knows we can win the Tag Team Titles...

Sully: He knows that we are going to be his biggest threat...

Fury: Not the ATL...

Sully: Not Dance Party...

Flashyy: Not Shindig Shebang...

Sully: The Brass Ring Club.

Fury: We came to take your rings.

Flashyy: We came to win.

Sully: We came to live that Brass Ring Life.

Flashyy: TOO.

Fury: DAMN.



-All three men hold up Too Sweets as the camera cuts to the Reality Wrasslin opening package-

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