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A Savage Solution VI

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A Savage Solution VI

Post by Red Chocolate on Tue Mar 13, 2018 3:31 pm

Just before the bell rings to kick off this highly awaited match between two legends of the business, there's a flicker on the titantron before the clear feed of Cole Savage, coming to you straight out of the skybox, comes into focus. He's all smiles, wine glass in his hand as usual.

Bison, hey! I was just in the neighborhood and couldn't help but pop in. I also couldn't help but notice that you're here, in the opening match, against whatshisface over there, and I'm just sitting here wondering HOW you think this is acceptable.

THIS is what working for the illustrious Johnny Sampson gets you? SCRAPS from the table? Where's your main event spot? Where's your high-profile match? WHERE IN THE WORLD is your HEART?

The old Bison wouldn't let some assclown like Travis King talk to him like that. Who even is that guy? The old Bison wouldn't let himself be used as a pawn, or be kept around on a leash as a matter of convenience, as a prop to sell tickets and enable this company's fetish for the old guard hanging around for the sake of hanging around.

You have a way out, Bison.

Remember that.

Remember that you never got to where you once were by being an underling or a sidekick. Try to remind yourself that you TOOK what was never offered and NEVER settled for a consolation prize. You have the option of gaining friends in high places, an option that will make it clear to you why CMV has done all they could to stagnate your growth.

The powers that be put the likes of Maxwell and Sukanov on a pedestal because they're the best case scenario. They're monsters that can be, and haven been tamed. They've been deceived and manipulated into towing the company. Men like that have been neutered and kept content so that these people can point and stare in awe like they were looking at a lion in a zoo.

Tell me how you found yourself in that cage.

Savage shakes his head before taking a sip of his wine. All of a sudden, Kurasuke steps through a portal, slaps the can of soda off the commentary table.

The original promised commencement at four still lurks in the beyond.

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