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Post by Mr. Dashing on Tue Mar 13, 2018 12:45 am

LIVE on Monday night Fusion #117 and it's just before the opening match-up that we see The Barbarian, Bison, heading towards the gorilla position, ready for action against Troy Meyers. But as the OG Monster of CMV is turning a corner, he bumps into none other than The Perfect Specimen, Travis King! King looks Bison up and down and shakes his head, sighing before speaking in an aggressive manner.

Bison ... What the hell are you doing, man? You no showed last week and I was stuck with that idiot, Logan Hail , against Wolf and Schmidty ...

No response from The Beast prompts Travis to scratch his head and continue on, only growing more irritated.

We have a good thing going here with Sampson, this deal of ours with him can get us BOTH back to the top where we belong ... Why are you throwing it away, huh? What? For that old has-been Cole Savage? Did that garbage he spewed out at Dark Carnival actually get to you ... ?

Again, Bison stands silent, finally driving King to explode in his part-time partners face.

Look you big, dumb, ape ... If you want to go chasing after what-ifs and maybes with Cole Savage, then fine, but don't screw this up for me. I'm not stupid, I know what I have to do to get back to that World title, and if that path takes me through you, so be it!

Travis in a huff storms off down the hallway, the camera closing in on Bison's face, or mask rather, as we can hear a small laugh, trailing away before the scene cuts to ringside.

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